We lay linoleum without errors

Before the start of the laying of linoleum, the floor, both cement and concrete, must be checked for humidity; Its surface must be thoroughly aligned and made completely smooth, since laying linoleum on an insufficiently dry floor entails the appearance on the surface of linoleum of defects such as bubbles and folds.

The humidity check is carried out with a thin gelatin plate, which is quickly twisted if there is moisture on the surface of the floor.

If there are potholes or bulges on the surface of the floor, they need to be leveled. All irregularities should be covered with gypsum or putty.

Linoleum must purchase room temperature before laying. Therefore, if he was just brought to the house after the purchase or stored in a cool room, the roll before it is deployed should be sustained in a warm room and the course of several days.

The choice of materials for gluing depends on the type of linoleum you purchased. Linoleum, having a fabric base or polyvinyl fiber on the inside, requires gluing with cold mastic based on bitumen and latex additives. Rubber linoleums and the so -called “baseless” linoleums need variables of the variance based on rubber and synthetic cumarin resins.

Before the linoleum sticker it is slowly unfolded. With maximum caution, trying not to make bends, straighten it to a place intended for laying a day. This is done in order for linoleum to deal with it properly and become even. At the same time, the edges of the linoleum from the sides are applied to one another overlap by 2 centimeters for the correct cut and the exact coincidence of the joints.

After the linoleum straightens completely, it is carefully bent on the wrong side and applied to it with a spatula of glue, not reaching about 8 centimeters to the edges, straightened on the floor. After that, the entire linoleum needs to be applied to wooden boards as a cargo (slag block or bricks are not used to avoid dents) so that it sticks to the floor as much as possible. When performing work on laying linoleum, during the gloss, it is necessary to observe precautions so as not to stain the front side of linoleum. In such places, it is advisable to lay paper or a layer of wood sawdust, well -dried and clean.

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