Gypsum cardboard is a modern novelty in the industry of finishing building

Despite its density, drywall is a very plastic material. Therefore, modern masters very much love him. From it you can make both simple and multi -level ceilings of any complexity, any size and shape. Previously, to create a perfectly flat surface, it was necessary to repeatedly apply a plaster coating, which was a very difficult process. In working with drywall, it is enough to attach it to self -tapping screws to special vertical racks, apply a layer of putty and a flat coating of the wall or ceiling is obtained. Not only ceilings and walls are made from this unique material, you can also make various niches, shelves, cabinets, partitions, false beams and much more, it all depends on fantasy and creative ideas. For greater plasticity, just moisten it a little with water and cut it with a knife in several places.

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Drywall is not only its flexibility, and ease of installation, but also with its light weight, which makes it very convenient when working with ceiling coating. It is much better than plaster in that it is considered dry material and does not need to wait for the time for its complete drying for further work. You can successfully glue wallpaper of different textures on it, make masonry of artificial stone, lay out ceramic tiles.

Drywall can be different, when choosing it, it is easy to distinguish from each other in different colors of the canvas:

– gray (ordinary, for decoration of premises);

– green (moisture resistant, used for rooms with high humidity);

– Pink (refractory, used in factories, factories, industrial workshops related to open or closed fire)

– Gray combined (it is an insulated option, on the inside has a layer of polystyrene foam, is used to work on the attic, insulation of garages and street household buildings).


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