Order sand in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Sand is one of the most popular materials in the field of construction.

It is a rounded grains obtained as a result of rock destruction, which have a small diameter (not more than 5 mm) and classify for different species depending on the place of prey.


Sand delivery in the Khabarovsk Territory is possible in several of its varieties:


Career sand. The method of extraction of this material for construction is open and is carried out at the locations of the quarries. The production technology has an average category of complexity, while the volumes explains the affordable cost of this type and its widest application in the field of construction and repair work, including in road construction related to bulk and planning of the territory for the construction of facilities and roadway. However, this type of sand is much less common for mixing solutions (concrete, as well as intended for installation and finishing work and construction). The fact is that career sand contains a large percentage of clay particles, which when using it significantly increases the flow rate of cement and worsens the characteristics of the finished mixture.


Cleaned career sand. Clean sand using modern equipment, which carries out its thorough washing, the result of which is a decrease in the concentration of clay particles. Install devices directly at the place of production. The sand processed with cleaning is more expensive, but the mixtures from it are better quality, which expands the spectrum of its use in the field of construction work.


river sand. Order sand in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, obtained from the channels of dry rivers, means to get the best quality raw materials, which is the best for the preparation of construction, concrete solutions and mixtures for installation and wall decoration. Distinguished by the minimum diameter, this type of sand makes the resulting solution the most durable and most resistant to external factors.


The main characteristics of the sand


Sand used in construction, first of all, differs in diameter of individual particles. It is the size of the grains that is a factor that determines the specific scope of the material. To align the sites, any type of sand is used, for the manufacture of mixtures – only a specific species with a certain diameter of grains (depending on the type of mixture). The most widely used sand with a diameter of 2 mm.


The important characteristics of building sand also include the presence and number of impurities and particles, which can affect the quality and properties of ready -made mixtures. In addition, the weight and parameters of the obtained construction mixtures are affected by the density of the seeds and their location, therefore, for the manufacture of cements and solution, it is preferable to use sand with the highest bulk weight and density.


Our company sells construction sand with delivery. We are ready to propose all types of high-quality material used in different sectors of construction and repair and installation works.


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