Types of automatic gates

Modern automatic gates are mobile enclosing structures that are simple and convenient to use. They have very easy control, which ultimately affects the popularity of such devices.

There are automatic gates that are additionally equipped with various accessories such as photocells, sensors and signal lamps. These devices are equipped with high -quality devices that can easily tolerate temperature differences, voltage surges, etc. Characteristics of automatic garage gates from a reliable manufacturer are always on top. Their manufacturers give a guarantee to work in fairly difficult conditions. Safety, high energy efficiency and durability are supported by appropriate quality certificates.

Thanks to the development of technology, the automatic gates are becoming increasingly popular and affordable. From the point of view of their direct consumer, it will be better if such devices are made by individual order. Thus, you can clarify the cost and period of warranty service, the quality of materials and installation conditions. But, if you have appropriate skills, then independent installation of the automatic gate will not become problematic. Based on the materials of the site, you can find out more information about the automatic gates, or you can order them for your garage in the company of the All-Union Groups if you live in Donetsk.

Types of automatic gates.

The most common and in demand are currently lifting and sections garage gates. They are most often possible to find in some country garage, private house, car service, etc. T.e. In those places where the owners need to create automated protection of openings. When complementing such garage gates, some automation of their operation becomes more effective. With the help of such structures, the gate space in a limited space is more practical and reliable.

Sliding or sliding gates. These devices are more beneficial in terms of ergonomics. Moreover, the land itself can have any layout and size. In this case, greater reliability and strength are capable of giving double -winging sliding structures. They create a low load on the fence, allow in some way to increase the size of the gate on the site.

Swing automatic gates will look more traditional and solid. Today they are applicable both in the suburban area and at some industrial facility. Provided that the budget for such structures does not have much restriction, there is the possibility of installing forged products. However, there are cheaper options made using sandwich panels.

Automatic gates are called so, since they must be equipped with control systems, remote control and motion sensors. If you plan to install such devices on your site, then all parts of the gate should be ordered in one company whose specialists will be able to explain some points for operation and the possibility of purchasing additional equipment.

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