Special requirements – excavator

Special requirements

Consider the special requirements for excavator electric drives regarding speed regulation. For electric drives of lifting and pressure of the shovel, as well as the lifting and thrust of the draglayin, it is necessary to regulate the speed in the range (Z-4): 1 down from the main to adjust the speed in the working cycle mainly when digging, as well as for the production of auxiliary, preparatory and installation work (storage of ropes, lifting and lowering the arrow, etc. P. ). In addition, when electric drives of direct current, these mechanisms use the weakening of the engine field to increase the speed during the launch of the bucket, the eruption of traction ropes, and t. D. by 25-50% in relation to the main.

Special requirements

When regulating speed down from the main special requirements regarding the filling coefficient of characteristics is not put forward. In particular, the linear intermediate characteristics of the drive with an independent or not slightly changing from the position of command controller with a locking moment are quite satisfactory.

Special requirements are presented to the mechanical characteristics of the drive corresponding to the zero position of the command controller. They are associated with the need to hold the bucket in this mode almost in motionless condition without imposing a mechanical brake. For this, it is necessary that the mechanical characteristic corresponding to the zero position of the command controller has high stiffness in the normal load zone.

On the intermediate characteristics of the rotation mechanism, it is advisable to adjust the value of the stopping moment, and not the speed of the ideal idle, as is done on most excavators at present. The rotation drive is accelerated for a relatively long time and with the established speed on the intermediate characteristics practically does not work. In addition, a decrease in dynamic loads on the intermediate characteristics favorably affects the operation of the rotation mechanism, and the deep regulation of the lock moment helps to limit the swing of the bucket when turning.



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