Sewerage repair

At least once a year, it is necessary to make a preventive overview of the sewage system of your home. The detected malfunctions must be eliminated in a timely manner in order to avoid larger. The main malfunctions in the sewer system occur in places of rotation of the sewer pipe, where garbage accumulates, due to improper operation. Then, the pipes are cleaned with a flexible wire with a diameter- 8-10 mm. It is also possible to use the appropriate chemical cleaning agents. With more serious damage, they make repairs. Consider the fact that during repair it is possible to release harmful gases that create a danger to repairmen of the sewer system. To avoid clogging in the sewage system, it is necessary for extreme cases twice a year, in the fall and spring, do preventive cleaning of pipes. If you notice that clogging occurs in the same place, be sure to establish the corresponding cause and eliminate it in a timely manner. When you change the sewer pipes in the yard, it is necessary to put pipes of the desired size, in no case do not become pipe of smaller diameter, and maintain the corresponding slope.

In order not to score the sewer, pour 1 liter of highly salted boiling water into the siphon once a week. This method will remove fat deposits and prevent an unpleasant odor.

It is advisable not to add a lot of aggressive cleaning products that are applied to the rubber seal and plastic siphon. For large holes, use thin brushes with long handles- for washing bottles. Fill the sink to half with water, connect the drain on one side, and on the other a pump with a sponge to get a suction effect. Repeat this several times while the sink is completely cleaned. I offer you another way: take a small cornice for kitchen curtains (about 50 cm), remove the limiter, slightly light up, so get the spring, and then insert it into the hole of the clogged sink. Turn and press in the direction up and down until you remove all waste. Well, for owners of country houses it will be interesting to know about repair, installation, and operation, septic tank. You can order a septic tank in Mytishchi on the site, Glory Aqua, here you will be consulted and selected for your home.

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