Interior design in the style of minimalism

You would like to have a simple, soothing and relaxing interior at home? Then minimalism in the interior is your design! Many people believe that such a design is very boring, inconvenient and not functional. However, this is completely wrong.

Minimalistic design creates a feeling of openness and light. Minimalism is created for people who love order, accuracy and purity. In addition, it is ideal for small apartments.

Designers focus on the ratio of natural light, artificial lighting and purity of color in the interior.

1) Pure white color is characteristic of minimalism. This creates the illusion of a large, clean space. In a modern interior, you can choose natural, neutral shades – beige, pale beige, green, natural gray (like stone). With a white interior for an accent, red color is ideal, but if you have the main color of another shade, then accordingly choose the color suitable for it. The main thing is that all colors are clean (t.e. Red is red, not burgundy or dark pink) and they were combined. And do not pile up the room. It is better if it is a combination of a maximum of 3-4x color schemes.

2) clean lines and smooth walls are also characteristic of minimalism.  Paul -parquet, laminate, board. But many use both carpet or carpet with an interesting pattern – this will add heat to the interior.

3) Your furniture should be stylish, modern and multifunctional. Choose furniture made of natural wood, natural fabrics. Or make a bright accent from furniture. Pay attention to the fact that the lower the furniture, the less bulky and stylish.

4) A special place is occupied by accessories. Pay attention to the fact that minimalism attracts precisely its simplicity and order, so do not pile up the space with all sorts of figurines and photo frames. Better choose a photo album, a couple of vases and candles. If you hang the paintings, then let it be one big and bright picture than a lot of small.

5) It is very important, creating an interior in the style of minimalism, think about where you will store all things. After all, in order for everything to look neat and neat, you need to have quite spacious and easily accessible, closed boxes and shelves, so that things are hidden from the eye.

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