Work with negative reviews about a construction company, a repair team or a house of home goods

Sites with reviews of products and services are becoming more and more. Many platforms that allow companies to register on the resource and upload their portfolio, as well as reviews with reviews affect the number of contracts that construction companies, repair brigades and designers can conclude in our time. Thus, if earlier information about the reputation of the company was transferred only from mouth to mouth, now any organization of the organization will remain recorded on the Internet forever. And every time someone wants to check the reviews about someone whose services he wants to use, he will receive negative posts.

Unfortunately, for companies, enraged by poorly provided services, people like to write negative reviews on the Internet, and, as a rule, they are not limited to Yandex with a markete or page in their social network – they bypass all possible resources where you can write something bad about those firms where they were offended.

And people most often write about a good impression of the company only on their page on the social network, although different bonuses can make a person leave positive reviews.

That is why the control over reputation is becoming an increasingly important component of the work of the PR department and advertising. Moreover, most companies in Russia still have not learned how to work with negative reviews correctly. For example, if you go to Yandex Market in the reviews section of Enter and read reviews for 2016, you will find a huge number of negative reviews and most of them contain a correspondence with the representative of the Enter store, which copies a practical typical message containing three for each client paragraph: 1) confirmation that the client is right, 2) a description of the reason for which the problem occurred, 3) an apology. If we analyze the data of the store’s answers, you can notice that the same problems wander away from the client for months (for example, a long solution to the issues related to suppliers, or long -term returns) that are not resolved, and for which simply from time to time in the comments The manager apologizes. This is a model of incorrect work with reviews about the company. Moreover, the problem here is not in the manager, who apologizes for his company, but in the company itself, which does not solve the problems she has (repeated negative reviews should be a signal that something is incorrectly organized).

Ideally, any negative review should be resolved by solving the problem, and not just an apology. In order for the client to upgrade the review with the addition of information that the problem is solved, and he will turn to the services of the company again, he must receive this or that compensation. This compensation should not be expressed by discounts on subsequent purchases.

Do not delete negative reviews. Each negative review should be updated by a positive answer who left it.

The best option for working with negative reviews is an option in which the client, under the negative feedback left, leaves an update that the problem is solved so well that he is ready to contact the company or store again.

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