Will prepare for winter in advance?

Whether we like it or not, Jack Frost will soon begin to paint our windows with icy drawings and freeze the paths around our house. And if you do not live in Bali, then snow awaits you, wind and frost already in very soon. Are you ready for cold angry winter? If not, then, probably, this is the best time to start buying everything you need to meet the cold season with a smile.

Of course, it would be ideal – to have a snow) and special machines that do most of the work for you, but if your own budget does not allow this, there are a number of cheap alternatives. For example, snow cleaning shovel. It is necessary not only to summer residents or those who live in a bark, but also to city residents. You probably will have to dig your vehicle this winter (we sympathize, but we will also have to do this). Keep in mind that the metal shovels are more durable and will serve longer, but they are quite heavy, so if you find a plastic shovel with a metal blade, it may be a good combined option.  Curved handles facilitate the pressure on the back. In any case, go to the store that sells garden and surgery inventory, and ask the seller about the consultation.

You may also need a scraper for ice cleaning or an ice breakfast tool. Scrapers are small, which are used in refrigerators, and there are special scrapers for cars to remove ice from glass or windows in houses, but there are also options for ice crushers in garden inventory. Such scrapers are designed to clean the gutter -you just take a chopper for ice and hit pieces of frozen water, and then throw them to the side.

We advise you to buy a galvanized garbage bucket for salt. It will be more convenient for you to store it in a bucket than in plastic packages if you often use salt to sprinkle paths. But for the spread of salt, a simple cheap plastic sovka is perfect. There are also special buckets – multi -purpose buckets – which can be used both for storage and to spray salt.

Be sure to purchase a rake for a roof on a telescopic handle. You will need them when the time comes to remove snow from the roof.

And be sure to put the rug near the door – a special, more durable rug with hard bristles. Winter grooming rugs suck in water and snow that you bring on the sole.

Your family uses a large amount of outerwear in winter and, as you probably noticed for yourself, in winter the wardrobe turns into a warehouse, where five and a half jackets hang on one hanger, and the same number of scarves are wound around them. The situation is stupid, but everyone is faced with it annually. Just install an additional number of hangers. Make special hooks for scarves. You can also use simple shelves from IKEA for 300 rubles as shoes for shoes – just install one above the other at the floor level under the hangers for clothes. And immediately place the bench in the wardrobe so that your family members do not suffer, putting on boots and jumping on one leg.

Buy baskets and other storage products. Here you can fold hats, gloves, mittens and so on. Otherwise, all these accessories will be scattered all over the corridor and you will lose them in the first few days of the start of the season.

And this winter you can warm you marble fireplaces. Nothing is associated with a comfortable winter house as a crackling of pleasant fire in the stove and the body that comes from the fireplace. Pleasant to you winter! Prepare for her in advance, and she will not take you by surprise.

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