Why do professional kitchens choose steel as a material for equipment?

Stainless steel is the most popular choice among professional kitchens. In other words, almost every catering establishment selects this material as a material from which the main and neutral equipment is made in the zone where food is prepared. This choice is justified by a number of reasons.

Stainless steel in the house and in commercial cuisine

Stainless steel kitchens are available in household formats, that is, each of us (not professionals) can install sets of this material in our house. However, most often, we do not do this for aesthetic consideration. Although, it is worthwhile to admit that many kitchens in the Art Nouveau style are still equipped with stainless steel – they make countertops, tables, equipment, household appliances, etc.P. And the material itself is present at least in the small version in almost any kitchen (sinks, plates, shelves, etc.P.).

Commercial kitchens are almost 100% made of objects made of stainless steel.  In addition to sinks and hoods, neutral equipment (trolleys, distribution lines, shelves, barbecue, racks, fatter, furniture, etc. are made of stainless steel (cart.P.). Examples of all this equipment can be found in the catalog of companies specializing in this product. If the restaurant buys neutral equipment from the manufacturer, then it receives not only models from the catalog, but also the ability to order something on his own sketch. For example, the popular Sandra -Metallurg LLC, popular in this area, says that only on the basis of a pencil pattern can make the necessary stainless steel products for a restaurant, and at an unprecedented speed – only a day in a day.

Reasons to choose stainless steel equipment for commercial cuisine.

But why do professional kitchens choose stainless steel? Why not buy a simple kitchen set? There are several reasons for this, these are those that are distinguished by catering workers.

one. The cooks note that food needs to be cut and cooked on metal surfaces so as not to spoil its taste. Stainless steel is the best material that does not affect the taste of food.

2. There are advantages from the point of view of sanitation. Stainless steel is not subjected to corrosion and this is not porous material. In other words, microorganisms have nowhere to create colonies and spoil food, which means that everything is hygienic.

3. For management, benefits in saving due to the strength and durability of products made of stainless steel. In other words, I bought once and use it for a very long time. No need to think about updates until you become completely successful, and you will not want to purchase equipment too, but with a large number of functions.

four. Any cleaner will tell you that stainless steel is easy to clean. Thus, the washers in a professional kitchen do not have to sit with chemicals and remove spots from food from surfaces.

5. Work with stainless steel is safe. The cooks often set fire to dishes, beat with hammers on the surfaces, cut them with very sharp knives, etc.P. Metal will withstand mechanical influences, temperatures and other influences of the kitchen without damage and problems.

Now you know why professional kitchens choose stainless steel. And if you yourself are looking for equipment for a restaurant kitchen or any other catering organization, then look for stainless steel products. There are companies that specialize in the supply of this equipment, and in some cases you can find it on ads of ads, where sometimes profitable offers are laid out for the sale of used steel equipment for kitchens in restaurants and cafes.

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