Why are birds sitting on power lines and do not get a shock?

It is not rare that the characters of the cinema find themselves with a blackened face and raised hair after contact with the electrical wire, which gives a good entertainment effect to the public. However, in real life, contact with the power line is most likely to kill you, unless you are a bird.  You often see them sitting on high voltage lines, but why they are not shocked?

Electric current is the movement of electrons. Their movement through devices such as TV gives him energy to display images and sound production. Electrons move in a closed network and for their movement you need motivation or what is called electrical potential. Imagine that you need to drag a bunch of balls for bowling uphill? Hard.  But there is no problem to roll them down. Balls will choose any way down that will be available to them. Also makes electric current – he wants to get to low potential from high potential.  When the bird is located on one cable, its two paws are on the same electric potential, so that electrons in the wires have no motivation to go through the body of the bird. The absence of moving electrons means the absence of electronic current. But if this bird pulls the wing or paw and touches another wire, especially with other electric potential, this will open the way to the electrons through the body of the bird.

Why does a person beat the current?

There are for birds and other dangers that usually concern human. Wooden pillars that support the wires are buried in the ground. So if the bird sits on the pillar and touches the wire, it can hit it with the current. Man is almost always in contact with the ground. Our bodies become ideal conductors of electricity, and the electric current uses them with pleasure in order to complete its closed path in order to leak from high potential (wire) to low potential (ground).

Since the workers carry out electrical work under the voltage of wires without damage? They use insulating materials in their clothes and equipment, as well as trucks with a cradle.  Experts know how to properly carry out any types of work with electricity and laying of cables or power lines. If you need similar services in the city of Perm, contact the company Elpromenergo CJSC.

Insulating materials in the clothes of an electrical installer, such as rubber, are difficult media for the course of electricity. Therefore, instead of going to an electrician, the current remains on the other side of his rubber gloves. Keep in mind that these are not everyday household gloves and tools – they are too thin to protect you from a shock blow.  The second line of security of an electrician is work at a height. Since neither the employee nor the device from which he works (helicopter) is connected to the ground, the current considers them as birds.  The only task is not to touch the two wires at the same time.

Electricity is a very unsafe direction, so we advise you to entrust any work with it to professionals if you yourself are not an electrician and not a bird.

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