Which skirting board to choose?

Wooden skirting boards are the most popular type of skirting boards. But one of the last competitors to these skirting boards is vinyl (plastic) analogues. They are used along with metal in rooms with high humidity, for example, in bathrooms.

Wooden skirting boards are still popular in residential premises, such as bedrooms. In kitchens, metal skirting boards are often used, and in bathrooms – of plastic. The advantages of plastic is that it can imitate any other material, whether it be wood or ceramic tiles. Therefore, it is much easier to build a suitable interior in a wet room with its help.

In fact, plinths are also made of rubber materials and composites, but the most in demand at the moment – products made of wood and vinyl. If you need wooden models, then you can buy floor skirting boards from specializing companies, for example, skirting board.

The skirting board is a patch strip that is attached to the angle that is formed between the wall and the floor. The baseboard protect the lower part of the wall from abrasion and hides the gap between the flooring and the base of the wall. Plinths significantly improve the appearance of the room – without them the rooms would look completely different.

Wooden skirting boards are traditional. They have a classic look and they fit into almost any interior. Select them in the color of furniture, windows or frames for paintings. Any person with a set of basic tools is able to fix a plinth of wood on nails or screws. It is also quite often placed under it (cables from routers, telephone lines, connections between a computer and a TV, etc.P.).

Plastic skirting boards, unlike wooden, are attached to glue (wooden ones are also sometimes attached to glue, but not always). Working with this material is easier in rooms that have non -standard dimensions. If you need to buy long skirting boards, then it is easier to find these in the category of plastic products. Wooden skirting boards for large rooms are most often simply connected, although the joints still remain noticeable.

Plastic skirting boards, as mentioned above, can imitate any other textures. In bathrooms, for example, they use the tile texture or simple white skirting boards. The problem of plastic skirting boards is that they are quite stable – they are easy to break. From plastic skirting boards, the angular compounds are most often dumped, which are installed in the edges. This instantly spoils the appearance of the room and requires immediate recovery. If pets have time to “lose” or spoil a dumped piece, you will have to look for a new one.

Keep in mind that finding a model of the skirting board in the market that you already have (for repair) is extremely difficult. If this product does not belong to some brand, but simply one of the products of the mass production of an ordinary plant, then, most likely, analogues will most likely have to look for analogues, not an accurate baseboard.

In addition to the fact that there are floor skirting boards, there are also ceiling plinths. They are not so often mounted, but if you decide to buy ceiling skirting boards, then it is also possible – they are sold by different companies, for example PLINTUS -OPTOM.

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