What to consider when choosing a construction rink?

If you need a seal of soil or asphalt, you will probably need a rental of a construction rink for your type of work. To choose the right car, you need to correctly answer a number of questions for yourself. More about them in this article.

one. What material will you compact?

If you compact the soil, you need to know what kind of soil type under your feet – gravel, sand, clay. Gravel and sandy soils require smooth vibration streams, if you are dealing with silt or clay, then choose a fist vibrookat.

Since sandy soils are granular and lighter for tamping, you can compress a large thickness of the upper layer than when working with or clay soil. Another factor is the moisture content in the soil that needs to be compacted. Dry soil is more difficult to squeeze.

The type of soil also plays a role in the amount of centrifugal force, which is required to apply. Sand soil will require about 1900 vibrations per minute, while clay requires about 1300. Volvo rollers, for example, have up to 5 different frequencies on some models for work in various conditions. In general, most manufacturers, whether it is the sale of Chinese special equipment, Japanese or American, establish such regulatory capabilities, but when choosing it is necessary to consider this option.

If you compact asphalt, keep in mind its density coefficient. The mixture for asphalt is different everywhere, while the type of stone in the connection may depend on whether the pneumatic roller, a smooth drum with or without vibration will suit you more.

2. What thickness of the layer needs to be compacted?

The thickness of the lifting for sealing is one of the key factors of the selection of the rink. The thicker the layer, the more vibrational strength and weight is required from the machine. You can resort to several levels of leveling, however, this is not always an option.

It is important to consider a lot of equipment in relation to the height of the rise, requiring compaction, and the final density of the compaction. Heavy machines used on thin layers can cause excessive seal, while lighter cars can lead to improper seal.

3. What area you will compact?

The width of the drum is a very important choice, when buying or renting a rink. A wide drum can be more productive and perform the work faster, while a smaller drum can offer the best solutions to perform work in a minimum number of approaches, which allows you to reduce the renewal (decay of the area that has already reached the desired density).

Also check.

Whether it is special equipment for rent or buying special equipment, check the water supply tube. The supply of water is very important, since if it does not work correctly, the asphalt will stick to the drum. Rental equipment may get more expensive for you, despite the price of direct rent, if you do not think about transportation in advance. The tenant can provide transportation on his own or entrust it to you. So you think, the final rental price in conjunction with transport services.

Portal Project Rosten wishes you a successful choice of special equipment.

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