What the price of cottages depends on what depends on?

The construction of modern cottage settlements and individual cottages in the northern capital and next to this city is increasingly increasing and actively. However, this is not surprising, because the cottages have much more advantages, advantages than apartments. One of these advantages lies in a huge scatter of prices for cottages, which allows you to purchase such housing and people with low and people with a high level of prosperity.

By the way, given the above feature of cottages, that is, a wide range of prices for such housing, it will be curious to find out what the cost of such objects depends on. Let’s figure it out today.

The first and main criterion that determines the cost of a finished cottage is where such a house is located. It is clear that those cottages that are in the city line will cost an order of magnitude more expensive than those that are located at a considerable distance from St. Petersburg.

The second important criterion is the building materials that were used to build a cottage. It is clear that the better the materials that were used in the arrangement of the house, the higher its total cost will be. By the way, it is precisely what material that you liked was built from the cottage that you liked should pay special attention and just in this case it is better not to save. Why? Yes, because the climate of the northern capital is quite severe, and therefore it is very important that special heat -insulating materials, technologies are used during the construction of the cottage. It is also important that all the elements of the finished house are designed for a large number of thawing and freezing cycles, because this will indicate how many years your cottage can stand.

Of course, that the cost of the cottage will also be determined by its autonomy. If the house is connected to a centralized water supply, then its price will be more affordable. Well, if the house has its own well, then it will cost more. The same applies to electrics, gasification.

And the price of the cottage will also be determined by what kind of land you will receive with your home. The more hundreds of acres are at your disposal, the more you will need to pay.

Choose the best option for the cottage, taking into account financial capabilities and wishes, experts will certainly help you /.

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