We make shelves for a bath with our own hands

The traditional steam room, both the Russian bath and the Finnish sauna is impossible without a properly organized regiment. It increases useful area, and also creates additional amenities for vacationers. To equip a steam room yourself, having made a lot of shelves and a bath for a bath with your own hands, will not be difficult and at the same time bring a lot of pleasure.


Wood for the manufacture of regiments

To answer the question “How to make shelves in a bathhouse?»First you need to choose a wood breed. The conditions of the steam room are very strict. That is why the criterion “can withstand” and is priority when choosing a variety of wood for the manufacture of a regiment. The main requirements for her are:

high density of fibers;

small thermal conductivity;

minimum resin content;

resistance to high temperatures and high humidity.

The most common woods that have all of the above are aspen and linden.

Linden is very well suited for steam rooms and for a regiment in particular. At high temperatures, it emits a pleasant aroma that has healing properties. The advantages of linden include relative lightness in processing – it has no knots and almost does not crack. There is information that linden cheers up and even improves well -being. Moreover, linden is one of the inexpensive wood. But with such a large number of advantages of linden there is one drawback: after a few years, under the constant influence of temperature and humidity, it can darken.

Aspen is also inexpensive material. Many consider it a “doctor for the soul”. The main minus of aspen is a predisposition to decay from the inside.

The size of the regiment in the bath

The lower shelf in the steam room is ideally recommended to make a mobile. Such a condition will allow you to monitor the order on the floor. In addition, experts recommend a good waterproofing in all places of contact of the floor and regiments. Any bench in the steam room should have at least 130 centimeters. This condition is dictated by elementary convenience. All other requirements for the size of the regiment in the bath are directly proportional to the size of your steam room. On the upper shelf is the largest temperature, because it is an ideal place for steaming with a broom. Therefore, it should be done a little wider than the rest – in order not to experience discomfort. If the total dimensions allow, then it is good to dwell on the number 90 cm for the upper shelf and 60-70 for the rest. The height of the regiment is determined based on the following two rules:

There should be about 120 centimeters between the upper shelf and the steam ceiling;

The difference in height between the shelves should not exceed 70 centimeters.

Do not forget about accessories to the shelves. Such as, for example, substrates under the head or special legs stands to raise them above the level of the rest of the body.

And in conclusion, we recommend that you make a drawing of all regiments with a detailed indication of all sizes and locations before arranging the steam room. Well, then start warming the ceiling of the bath with your own hands.

Video – sizes and height for the regiments of the bathhouse

Good luck!

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