We make a mini-bar at home

More recently, to observe how it is customary to drink alcoholic drinks, we could only in films that came to us “from the West”. A beautifully served table, a thin leg of a glass in the hand of an elegant lady and wine – white, red, with glare of the sun, it beautifully shimmers in it. But now, we, following European countries, hastily comprehend the culture of handling alcoholic beverages. And it is no coincidence that home bars are part of the home environment. How nice it is to pass the evening after an unhurried conversation, enjoying the delicate taste and aroma of your beloved wine, which you treat friends from your own bar! But, first of all, we need to purchase this bar, while observing a number of rules.

For mini-bar, furniture should be not only beautiful, but also adapted for storing alcohol in it. Do not forget about filling your bar, that is, it is about the alcohol that will be included in your “Golden collection of wines”, and about their proper storage. For example, bottles with dining wines must be stored in a horizontal position, so you will need the corresponding shelves. This prevents the destruction and drying out of the cork. Bottles with plastic traffic jams can be stored in an upright position. Various liquors are stored in the same position. Remember that drinks do not tolerate sunlight.

Do not forget about such necessary attributes of a home bar as glasses and countesses. Now there are a great many dishes of a wide variety of shapes and colors – elegant crystal and thin glass, thin transparency and bright colors of colors – proceed from your own addictions and general interior design. And also, you need to remember that various drinks require different glasses – so, glasses made of thick glass are ideal for whiskey, and spacious glasses are needed for red wine.

A special chic mini-bar can be given by purchasing exclusive glass products. Moreover, it can be, both very expensive bottles or glasses purchased in antique stores, and very cheap, but no less extravagant products found somewhere in the grandmother’s closet, and put up for sale on the boards of free ads in the heading ” Moscow “. Well, and finally, – to be known in the circle of friends with real bartenders, get a stakeer, forceps, an ice container, siphon for carbonated water, a set of spoons for fruits with a long handle.

You can organize a bar in the living room, fireplace room or in your office. It is important, choosing furniture for the home bar, remember its conformity to the general style of the room where you will place your bar. So, if the interior of your living room is more likely in a classic style, a noble carpet on the floor, then you will need to purchase a classic bar. And if you like modern interiors, you prefer cozy flooring with a cozy flooring, it is easily washing linoleum, then a “modern” bar is exactly what you need. Typically, bar furniture is a stand-can and bar chairs. A more complicated option is specially equipped chestnuts for storing wine bottles.

And let your own minibar give you a lot of positive emotions and pleasant evenings.

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