Ventilation and its need

Ventilation systems are removed from the premises “spent” air and replaced by a more fresh external. Problems with ventilation can provoke the occurrence of various problems not only in people, but also in the room itself.

The effect of ventilation on a person

Let’s start with influence on a person. The lack of oxygen, the increased content of carbon dioxide and increase humidity contribute to a decrease in performance, the appearance of headaches and exacerbation of chronic diseases. If the air is too dry, then this will negatively affect the mucous membranes. Reducing the level of oxygen negatively affects the operation of gas plates, fireplaces and heating boilers, and excessive humidity is the cause of the occurrence of the fungus and mold.

How do various substances contained in polluted air affect human health? For example, carbon dioxide does not cause much harm if its content is not excessive, but causes a feeling of discomfort. Curular gas can be deadly if its content in the air exceeds 0.05%. An increase in the concentration of this substance can occur if the windows and doors are closed in the room where the inclined heating device is used. In such cases, oxygen is not fully burned, which leads to the formation of carbon monoxide instead of carbon dioxide.

Formaldehyde, which falls into the air from some finishing materials, furniture from chipboard and cigarette smoke, provokes burning sensation in the eyes and tearfulness. If the concentration is much exceeding the norm, then this can cause diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs and even cause a fatal outcome.

Home dust is a set of bacteria, viruses, disputes of various mushrooms, particles of building materials, heavy metals and many other. All this can threaten the health of children, elderly people, as well as people with weakened immunity.

Ventilation work

How ventilation systems work? In residential buildings, this happens naturally due to the difference in pressure and air temperature in the room and outside. Of the minuses of this ventilation, its intensity in the cold season and inefficiency in the summer can be noted.

Natural air exchange occurs in exhaust ventilation ducts, the outputs of which are usually equipped in kitchens and bathrooms – where the air is most often polluted and moistened with. So that atmospheric precipitation does not fall into the duct fans and the air does not blow out, special nozzles are installed on the outputs.

In rooms where the direct exit of the ventilation duct is not provided (bedrooms, living rooms, etc.D.), a small one is provided – about a centimeter – the gap between the floor and the door. To ensure the normal functioning of natural ventilation, it is necessary for fresh air to come from the street. This is due to the slots in the doors and windows and ventilation systems in the walls.

In some cases, to improve the functioning of natural ventilation into the duct, a carrier or window is installed by an exhaust fan, which is turned on if necessary. Such fans equipped with timer are especially convenient.

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