Unusual home for home this week

Unusual home for home this week.

Another selection of interesting products for the house from the administration of the Project Rotstry portal. Outside the window is the summer and we are increasingly wanting to purchase something original for entertainment or rest in the fresh air. Maybe these products for cottages and accessories for a country house and parties will be made to your taste.

If you have ideas for our heading of unusual products for home or unusual building materials, you can leave your ideas in the comments or write in our group in contact: vkproektstroyru

Itali, what kind of goods was allocated this week?

Giant glass as an ice basket for alcohol

We found this product on the Amazon (Amazonexecobidosinb001EBP06SODDITYMALL-20) . This is a large glass that is used as a cooler bucket with ice. Glass height – 3 feet. It was suitable for open -air events, home barbecue and people who want to watch TV this summer, drinking cold beer or wine.


And on the site (QuirkyProducts612-Stairway-Slidetimeline) you can find the Sliderider staircase, which is still in the concept of the concept.  The company’s website is currently undergoing a product launching phase and the price is calculated for it. When the goods go on sale, we are sure that this ladder of the mountain will be a pleasant surprise for your children.

Flexible system for spraying water

Refreshing spraying with water in the summer heat is what this product can give you. You do not need to keep a hose above your head or spray yourself from a spray. The system is attached to the standard garden hose and installed in a place convenient for you.  You can buy a product on Amazon (Amazonexecobidosinb000jt9mmmodditeMall-20)

Sculpture from Easter Island for the Garden

Replicas of famous statues from Easter Island will help your garden a little puzzles. They have a rather realistic appearance, so you can tell your neighbors that these are original stone figures.  You can buy on ebayitm141240262297)

Spaceship – tent

Buy your child not a simple tent, but an original tent in the style of a spaceship. Let your child feel like a real cosmonaut while relaxing in nature. The product can be ordered on the site (FieldCandyindex)

Giant house – tent

And for yourself, buy a huge tan house, which even has separate rooms inside. Why go camping with a small uncomfortable tent, if you can take a whole house with you? You can buy a design for ebay (ebayitm261467507005)

Manual pocket saw

Pocket saw can become a useful assistant in campaigns.  Among other things, you can use it to cut branches in the garden. Simple, quickly and noise. You can buy on ebayitm291138553807)

A device for making popcorn in nature

In the bosom of nature, you may not be accompanied by a microwave, but if you want to cook your popcorn in the fresh air, this device will help you. The design consists of a large bowl with a lid and a long handle. During campsite, you just amuse the bowl above the bonfire while your popcorn bursts. The device is sold on (ebayitm350978329016)

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