Types of tiles, their advantages and comparative cost

The last stage in the construction of the house is perhaps the most responsible. First of all, because the arrangement of the roof is not only troublesome, but also expensive. Spare parts for chainsaws with delivery of cash on delivery should also be ordered to make comfortable forests and at any time be able to replace the beams. In the meantime, preparatory work is going on, you should carefully think about the roofing material that will protect your home as well as possible and last as long as possible. For many years, different types of tiles are considered the most running in the construction market, which confirms its indispensability.

There are different types of tiles: bitumen, metal tile, cement-sand or ceramic. The relatively high price of the last species is determined by its indispensable qualities and incredible durability. Ceramic tiles are made of pure clay and water. It serves at least 30 years, but you can meet roofs covered with this material for a hundred years. The reason for this durability in the adaptability of the material, it is plastic enough to adapt to deformation, is resistant to frost, fire and an aggressive environment. Ceramic tiles are absolutely natural material, durable and heavy, so the typhoon is not afraid of it. Cement-sand tiles are in many ways similar to ceramic, has almost the same properties. The difference is that it is made of Portland cement, sand and water, is not amenable to firing, but is covered with a fastening composition. Cement tiles costs slightly cheaper, as it has a low vapor permeability level, which increases the risk of fungus.

Bitumen tiles belongs to synthetic materials, which is at the same time its advantage and disadvantage. Natural materials have always been a step higher, but artificial ones were able to get rid of many of its shortcomings, such as a high cost. Bitumen is absolutely not susceptible to all external factors, so even when the house itself begins to fall apart, the tiles will remain intact. Bitumen tiles are flexible enough to absorb vibrations. This positively affects both its strength and noise insulation. If, nevertheless, you somehow managed to break the tiles, then it is easier to repair it-to replace the damaged piece without the need to analyze the entire roof. The quality of the metal tile can be judged already from its name. The strength and durability of the metal is known to everyone, as well as incredible stability even ultraviolet. The advantages of this material in its lightness and the simplest work with it, because it easily lends itself to molding. Metal tile is great for the roof requiring minimum pressure. Its low cost also belongs to the undoubted advantages. As you can see, the main advantage of any tile is a huge service life and strength, so the choice should be based on personal wishes and opportunities: affordable and natural or light and cheap. The color range of tiles of any type is incredibly wide, so you can realize any of your ideas.

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