Types of plastic windows

Plastic windows can be performed in different variations. Further in the article we will consider the main types of plastic windows, their advantages and disadvantages.

Turning windows

Such products have a locking mechanism on one side, and on the other, rotary loops. This allows you to open the sash in one of the parties at the request of the customer. This type of design has an advantage over the dull windows.

The disadvantages of such products include the inability to ventilate the room when it rains. Since there is a risk of moisture penetration into the room. It is also not recommended to leave such windows open in windy weather, because in this case there may be a sharp slamming of the window, which can lead to its spoilage.

Deaf windows

The name of this type of window speaks for itself. It does not provide for elements for closing or opening and tightly recorded in the window opening. The advantages of such a solution are its low price and depressurization of such windows is much lower than that of windows with an opening design. This design can be easily decorated with indoor flowers or other decorative elements, without afraid to drop them when opening.

The disadvantages can be attributed, the impossibility of ventilation of the premises, care for the outside will be complicated and such products block the exit in emergency situations.

Turning windows

The opening of these products occurs in two directions. If the window handle is lifted up, then it will open in a folding position, if the handle is at 90 degrees, then the window will open as usual as usual. Such products are very convenient to use for ventilation. The folding position, when ventilating the premises, excludes draft. This species is very popular in residential premises. You can see all the variety of plastic windows of this design here –  .

Pileplain window

Such designs can be opened widely, while completely freeing the window opening. They open outward, which makes them less vulnerable to hacking. Thanks to the opening of both wings, it will allow you to take care of the window without much difficulty, regardless of what floor you live on. Also, the advantage of this design is that the window opening can have a different shape: round, trapezoidal, triangular, oval, arched, semicircular.

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