Types of modern wallpaper

When carrying out repair and finishing work, people prefer the most modern, affordable, high -quality and original solutions that allow to significantly change the appearance of the entire interior. The most common types of finishing materials should include wallpaper that literally filled a specialized market niche.

They do not lose their relevance and for many years hold advanced positions in the direction of wall decoration. Wallpaper for walls is a very profitable, effective and quite affordable solution, with the help of which you can very quickly achieve a very impressive result.

Paper wallpapers have gained the most popular, because they are the cheapest and simple. Their environmental purity is pleased, thanks to which the process of oxygen is not disturbed. It is important that such wallpapers are used in rooms with a low level of pollution and humidity.

The online store of wallpaper can offer a fairly large number of varieties of vinyl wallpaper. They are formed by two layers of materials, and a unique pattern or original embossing is applied to the surface of the upper layer. The more dense are foamed wallpapers, in which Vinyl gained an additional structure after special heat treatment. With their help, you can much better disguise the irregularities of the surface. Silk -graphic wallpaper are quite popular, which are characterized by special subtlety and smoothness. They have increased decorative properties and high levels of resistance to light.

On the site you can see textile wallpaper, which are executed in the form of a paper sheet laminated using a special type of threads and fibers. This wallpaper has excellent thermal insulation and sound -absorbing properties, as well as excellent light resistance. Wallpaper, which contains linen fibers, also have bactericidal properties. Production actively uses viscose, linen and cotton threads, as well as various types of fibers that contribute to the creation of original color diversity.

Western materials are worthy of attention, as they provide the creation of the effect of depth. The texture has gained special volumes, and the light is actively refracted between chaotic fibers, creating the impression that the materials are visible from the inside.

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