Types of LED ribbons – characteristics and areas of application

There are a huge number of LED strips in the modern market, today we will try to figure out the most popular and common of them.

LED type:

First of all, all LED ribbons differ in their type of LED. To date, there are two most popular and most often used species – this is SMD 3528 and SMD 5050. Their main difference is that their numbers in the names contain their main sizes and parameters. That is, 3528 is the size of 3.5 by 2.8 mm, and 5050 – respectively, 5.0 by 5.0 millimeters. The SMD 5050 LED consists of three crystals, and SMD 3528 is only from one. This makes the first model brighter.

Glows color:

To date, there are a huge number of LEDs, the main color scheme of which can be red, green, warm – white, cold – white, yellow and blue. All LEDs that are based on green, blue and red are considered multicolor, since on their basis you can create any colors and shades.


There are open and closed LED ribbons. Closed products are also called moisture-proof due to a thick layer of silicone and epoxy resin.

Open type is used for conventional lighting of rooms with reduced humidity. Most often these are rooms inside the buildings. Often such LEDs highlight advertising windows, niches in stores or museums.

The moisture -proof type of LEDs is intended for use on the street, or in rooms with high humidity. They will become indispensable in the bath, sauna, as well as for illuminating arches, signs, stands, stairs or doors on the street. They are easy to clean from dust with ordinary dry lips, napkins or rags when they are in a non -working position.

The number of LEDs per meter:

The brightness of the tape directly depends on the number of LEDs. Of course, that a bright LED tape will cost an order of magnitude more expensive than its simple prototypes. For decor and good lighting, it is better to choose an SMD 5050 LED. It looks much more advantageous and more interesting. It is also better to use a colored LED, since its glow at night will look more expressive and attractive than everyday white color.

Video on the topic:

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