Types of floor skirting boards

A small bar that covers the gap between the floor and the wall is called the baseboard. Skirting boards are wooden, plastic and laminated.

Wooden skirting boards are usually made from an array of oak, pine or spruce. If your floors are made of wood or parquet, then choose wooden skirting boards. They usually have a special channel for the cable. They are attached with glue or nails. Environmental purity, naturalness, long service life and strength – the advantages of these skirting boards. But they differ relatively high cost.

Plastic skirting boards are made from PFH. Linoleum, carpet or laminated flooring is best finished with plastic skirting boards. Fasting channel and niches for the wire in such skirting boards – on the back. The pluses include a smooth surface, resistance to decay, resistance to household chemicals, the lack of need for additional processing, plasticity when heated (you can set any form). And to the minuses – fragility and fragility.

Laminated are called plinths consisting of MDF-one. So that the surface of the skirting boards look like made of valuable wood, a special film is glued on MDF. Such types of skirting boards have flexibility, so they are used to correct small bends of the wall. They can be completely or partially dismantled, thanks to the specific method of fastening. But laminated plinths have low strength and insufficient durability.

A warm floor – a component of comfort and comfort in any apartment. If you plan to lay infrared warm floors in your apartment, we recommend that you pay attention to products from Rexva. You can get acquainted with the characteristics of warm floors from Rexva on Teplokazani.

Parquet manufacturing materials

Today, a wide range of wood of various breeds and countries of origin is used for the manufacture of parquet floors. They can differ greatly in quality in quality, color, price category. The most widespread use of woodwood, which has increased wear resistance and hardness. It is these qualities that determine suitable wood for parquet, from soft coniferous.

Textile wallpaper for coziness apartment

The desire to create coziness to humanity pays attention for more than one millennium. During the reign of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, the walls of temples and even tombs signed the best masters of their craft, who depicted them with sacred themes or historical narratives using the language of symbols.

Types of tiles

All the tiles existing today can be divided into several of the following groups: ceramic granite (porcelain tile), clinker, cotto, single -burning and biased tiles. Porcelain stoneware is one of the latest technologies for the production of facing material. It is carried out by mixing two or more varieties of high -quality clay, a field spar and coloring pigments of exclusively natural origin.

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