Types and purpose of septic tanks

Before you purchase and install a septic tank for cleaning wastewater in your summer cottage, you need to deal with the varieties of septic tanks and their features. The septic tank can be based on soil filtration of water or used for deep biological cleaning.

The first type is the simplest and is based on the resulting water in the sump, where part of the contaminated elements settles to the bottom, and the upper part of the water goes into another camera. This method allows you to achieve cleaning no more than 60%. The second type dates back to the Eurobion septic tank and other deep biological cleaning models.

In the second case, two stages of purification of contaminated water occur. The first is identical to the first option of septic tanks, and the second consists in aerobic cleaning, which occurs in the third chamber containing oxygen, which accelerates the process of decomposition of organic compounds.

All existing septic tanks can be made from various materials, such as reinforced concrete, stainless steel and plastic. The last type is the most common recently, one of the options is Eurobion 8, made of polypropylene. This material has a sufficiently high strength, is not subject to negative environmental influences and is cheaper than reinforced concrete and stainless.

Reinforced concrete septic tanks are most often used in regions with a harsh climate, when in winter the temperatures are quite low. They have high durability and do not pop up, unlike any others, thanks to a significant mass. But they are problematic in the installation and do not have such an attractive appearance as, for example, Eurobion 5, made of polypropylene on the most modern equipment.

To date, stainless steel septic tanks are practically not used, they have been replaced by plastic ones with approximately the same advantages, but at the same time much cheaper in production. If we talk about the advantages of plastic models, then this is, first of all, lightness, attractive appearance, ease of installation, durability and tightness. Of course, a small mass can lead to surfacing. But if the installation is performed correctly by specialists, then in this case the plastic septic tank will last for many years, without delivering any problems to its owner.

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