Trolley pendants and their features

Troll pendants – unique lifting equipment. Its main purpose is the equipment of taps-patching taps for organizing operational and safe work. Using these devices, it is possible to raise goods to the required height, retaining the latter in the air, as well as moving in the horizontal direction. It can be whole pipes with insulation and without. Such works are relevant when laying pipelines in prepared trenches.

The use of trolley suspensions in the process of laying engineering communications is a great opportunity to speed up work. This is achieved due to the fact that the taps-patching taps are able to function continuously. This is not available when using soft towels.

Most often, trolley pendants are found in the oil and gas sector, on construction sites. They are produced in several modifications. The differences are primarily in the type of protective coating on suspended ice rinks. Currently, if necessary, you can buy trolley pendants cheaply of the following types:

Products with protection from polyurethane CCI – an excellent solution for laying trunk pipeline systems with insulation;

Products with a metallic coating of TPM are the best choice of installation of pipe elements that do not have insulation;

rollers, coating by aviation tires of TPA type.

All products considered above vary in design and composition. But they have similar operational characteristics. They are in the following moments:

The level of carrying capacity varies within-2-63 tons;

Available pipe styling diameters are 90-1420 mm;

probable number of rollers-2-12;

The use of products is possible at a temperature of -40 to 40 degrees.

You can buy trolley pendants today in specialized stores everywhere. This is a unique product that allows you to work with large loads in various climatic conditions, as well as in aggressive environments. Pendants are performed according to the requirements of GOST. For this, modern materials and innovative technologies are used. They are convenient, functional, easy to operate and durable. With their help, the pipes are securely fixed, while damage to the insulating layer is prevented. Using trolley suspensions, you can ensure maximum security for staff.

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