Trimmer gasoline manual

If you are the owner of the personal plot, then you probably wondered: how to quickly and easily put it in order? To tear the lawn, eliminate weeds, give a neat form to shrubs and turn their country residence into a real work of art.

An indispensable assistant in this matter will be a gasoline hand trimmer for you, or, more simply, a gas station.

What is a trimmer and why it is needed?

This is a type of lawn mower, a manual garden tool equipped with a gasoline engine.

You can buy a gasoline trimmer from various manufacturing companies. Release different models of trimmers, with different functions and price range. Modern models are so powerful that they can easily cope with areas of 20-30 acres, starting from the haircut of the grass and ending with the mowing of a dense stormy. Ease of use, ease of assembly and low price make a manual gasoline trimmer one of the best tools for garden work.

The advantages of the trimmer

It will greatly facilitate your work, both in the garden and in the field: it will help to mow hard and dry grass, prepare hay, cut shrubs and even make a figured lawn haircut. It will quickly process the area of ​​almost any size, so you will have much more time to rest. Detailed instructions will help you quickly assemble or disassemble the tool, and compact sizes will allow you to transport it in the trunk of a regular machine.

Safety precautions for working with a trimmer

It must be remembered that this is a powerful and quite massive tool, so you need to operate it wisely and caution.

There are basic rules for working with a trimmer:

one. Before starting work, carefully study the instructions.

How to assemble, how to prepare a fuel mixture, how and where to fill it, how to turn it on and how much it can work without a break – all these questions will be answered in detail by the operating instructions.

2. Be sure to use a protective face mask and ear headphones.

A special wire mask, which is usually sold with a trimmer, will help protect your face, neck and eyes from flying chips and small stones. And special headphones or bears will protect your hearing from long noise.

3. Put on special clothes and gloves for work.

Durable fabric gloves will help you hold a trimmer better and confidently control it, and also protect your hands from possible cuts. Choose clothes for work from well -to -wash fabrics.

four. Follow fire safety.

Remember that in the tank fuel combustible mixture, so exclude smoking and do not bring the trimmer to the open fire. For the same reasons, pour the fuel mixture and turn on the tool only outdoors.

5. Remove from the place of work of children and animals.

The standard rule of using the trimmer says that people and animals should not approach it closer than 15 meters. In the process of working from under the rotating head, all kinds of garbage flies – chips, branches, small stones that can scoop and get into a person standing nearby.

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