Three groups of steel doors

Nowadays, the old wooden entrance doors are on the verge of complete extinction, since they are not able to provide proper protection. They are replaced by durable and reliable steel constructions that effectively protect the dwelling and its inhabitants from any encroachments of attackers who seek to abduct your favorite walls for the living room of the Chature made to order in the furniture salon. High -quality metal doors are expensive, but it is clearly not worth saving on your safety.

The entrance doors presented on the domestic market can be conditionally divided into three main groups that differ in their protective and operational characteristics. The first group includes the doors of the budget class. Let them be made quite high quality, but the gusty resistance and secrecy of their inexpensive locking mechanisms leave much to be desired. As a result, such a door can be easily opened with an experienced thief or broken out using various mechanized devices. But this does not mean at all that buying such doors should be afraid. They can be safely purchased if the entrance has an installed security system. In addition, even such a simple door will not hack.

The second group of doors is represented by fairly massive and durable structures, whose door leaf can easily withstand a rough onslaught using a sledgehammer, hammer and other tools. Let such doors cost more, but they provide a more reliable level of protection that inspires confidence. You can open them only by smart hacking the lock or by using a cutting tool working from electricity. And since such an instrument produces a loud noise that attracts the attention of the whole district, it is unlikely that anyone will use it in a densely populated entrance to multi-apartment residential scrap.

Finally, the third group of steel entrance doors includes the structures of the highest strength, including armored doors that easily withstand numerous hollow -weapons bullets. The offender will not be able to hack such a door even on condition that it will use a grinder or autogen. Its canvas is vulnerable only to modern equipment, which the employees of rescue services have, but the criminals definitely do not have. Therefore, the metal doors of the third group are the most reliable defenders of the dwelling.

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