The ratio of salaries and prices in Colombia

Labor migration to the country is gaining momentum, but this is more due to the search for a different life, interest in the unique flavor of the country.

Tourists from Russia without a visa can stay in the country for no more than three months, and in this case there will be no right to work. So if you plan to find a job here, and not just live and earn money, for example, freelancing, you will need a work visa.

The average salary is about $ 400 per month, you can find more, but it’s difficult. In small towns, this figure will be even lower. If you are looking for decent wages, pay attention to international corporations and oil and gas companies.

The main part of labor migrants settles in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. Life here is cheaper than in most cities in North America, Europe, and offers opportunities at the level.

In Bogota, you can get an education at a secondary or higher educational institution, get a job in any industrial, financial sector. The most sought-after fields among job seekers:

  • teaching English;
  • medicine;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • mining;
  • construction.

You can officially work in Colombia, but you will have to draw up an impressive package of documents. The scheme of actions is something like this – a foreign applicant finds an employer, signs a contract with him, and then receives a work visa. Foreign specialists are issued a visa permit type TR-4, which is valid for 5 years. If you stay in the country all this time and do not lose your official place of work, you can replace the TR-4 with a resident visa.

Labor migration in Colombia has an undeniable advantage – a foreigner comes to the country as a tourist (and there are no strict requirements), then he can find a vacancy on the spot, start working and apply for an official permit.

Despite the active development of industrial production capacities, the Colombian economy has problems. The distribution of income between different segments of the population is very uneven, and the gap between the lower and higher categories is constantly increasing. The poor strata account for only 10% of the total income of the country, the standard of living of their representatives is no more than 1.1%. Those Colombians who receive the maximum income also make up 10% of the total mass of society, their standard of living is at around 43%.

Since Colombia is not a very rich country, the prices here are average. It is due to the availability of life that more and more of our compatriots regularly move to Bogota and other cities. The country is suitable for permanent residence, it is liked by those who want to change the situation, move to a warmer region. For example, a liter of gasoline here will cost 38 rubles, local products are very cheap (we remind you that Colombia has everything and in large quantities – therefore it is the world’s largest importer).

The population that lives below the poverty line manages to invest 2-3 dollars a day. 13% live in slums, 9% suffer from malnutrition. Colombian children work in the mines in difficult conditions, are employed in the agricultural industry. That is why the UN constantly talks about the problem of poverty and child labor in the country. 48% of minors work in the service sector, and there are more girls than boys, 40% of agricultural workers are also children.

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