The privacy of your cottage: how to enclose your yard from prying eyes?

Everyone wants to feel in a comfortable solitude in their garden or on the courtyard of a summer cottage. Each square centimeter of your suburban land belongs to you and only to you, so not only the house should have walls, but the entire territory, so that you do not feel as if you are in the middle of the street or road.

Privacy is especially important when your backyard peers into the street courtyard of your neighbor or the road filled with noisy vehicles. Not to mention what you want to leave objects and things in your yard without worrying about their sale. In this article we will give some strategies to increase the privacy of your summer cottage.


The fence can give exactly as much privacy as you need. This can only be a visible department from a neighbor’s section with a low wooden gate or a tall wooden barrier without voids and laser. Such fences may require a lot of wood, so order timber trucks immediately, such as in the assortment of the company small mechanization, and take a large number of logs. Two for fences – this, by the way, is a special material. Having grace and natural beauty, it requires care – impregnation, staining, etc.P.  Aluminum fences with powder coating, vinyl and composite fences in neutral shades of white, brown, black and green are more simple in maintenance.


You can build the walls around your site. Simple, solid walls that will provide the greatest confidentiality of your yard. The construction of the wall has its advantages over the installation of the fence that brickwork can be more durable and attractive. You can also build walls with concrete or stone. To make the space more air and open in the walls make window openings, arches, arbors and so on. Walls can also be softened by visually vertical landscaping.


Thickly planted evergreen plants offer a lot of solitude and tranquility, screening out street noises, reducing glare from passing cars, decorating your yard. Care for hedges is not simple – you may need to hire a gardener for frequent pruning and other service. A more natural barrier with a low level of service is just a shrubs planted very close to each other.

A mixture of plantings with a fence

The fence itself may not be quite attractive visually, and the hedge is not reliable against other people’s eyes and uninvited guests. However, the combination of one with the other mutually excludes both problems. Install a plastic fence and decorate it with vertical landscaping.


Different options for metal fences may look quite severe, but forged fence is the most correct solution to protect the house from uninvited guests. The decoration of such a fence with vertical landscaping is not recommended, because it can be used as a means of lifting by the fence. There are different grillet options – made to order by the blacksmith or in the form of a net of rabid and so on.

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