The need for natural ventilation with your own hands

If you get up not rested in the morning, allergic diseases appear, and fungus and mold have formed in the rooms – the absence of proper natural ventilation is all to blame.

The standard natural ventilation scheme is presented in the photo below.


The essence of ventilation is a continuous air exchange, t.e. Home air should constantly be replaced by street. Natural exchange is facilitated by the difference in pressure and temperature in the room relative to the street. The simplest way of ventilation, ventilation, not always convenient, especially with winter frosty days.

For new buildings, ventilation is provided at the design stage. In the already built house you have to mount such a system separately.

In the house you need to install at least 2 hoods. This will have a good effect on the effectiveness of natural ventilation of the room. It is customary to install them in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Basic requirements for natural ventilation:

designed ventilation in winter should not hardly cool the air;

the constancy of air exchange with the street;

Fresh air must be covered by the maximum number of construction area;

Dirty air and excess moisture from the rooms should be removed as quickly as possible;

lack of drafts.

Types of natural ventilation

Natural ventilation can conditionally be divided into organized and unorganized. In each room, in any case, there is an exchange of air masses between the outer and internal space of the room. This is due to various leaks and the “breathing” of the walls. All this applies to unorganized ventilation. The rest that is additionally installed is organized ventilation.

The private question is how to make natural ventilation in a living house, you can safely answer – practically nothing. More accurately expressed, you can make it in parallel with the overhaul of the room. An effective ventilation system can be obtained by putting it in the project even before the construction starts.

Ventilation ducts are mounted inside the walls. Each channels should enter the rooms and have a way out. One of the outputs is a retractable outer air. It is necessary to place it at an altitude of about two meters from the foundation. Another channel is necessary to remove dirty air from the room. It is placed as high as possible (on the roof) and everything from the hood of rooms is brought into it.

Ventilation ducts are made of metals or plastic pipes resistant to corrosion with a rectangular section. The final (weekend) ducts of the ducts are closed with a decorative grate to exclude extraneous objects. For winter, you can additionally install the air heating system. In the already built house, all channels must be highlighted qualitatively, which complicates the whole process.

As a result, natural ventilation with your own hands, provided for by the construction project, is quite real and does not require great investment and complex equipment for installation. In the future, ventilation will maintain the health of all family members.

Video – natural ventilation in a private cottage

Good luck!

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