The influence of office design on your business

A big mistake of many leaders – relates to your office as walls and tables. The office premises are an important component of the business and can affect its development. When it comes to creating a workspace, there are several more complex strategies than the choice of furniture and pasting new wallpaper. Beautiful offices are a promising investment.

Your office is a physical manifestation of your brand

Think about how your office can reflect what your company is. Pay special attention to the liquidation of any nuances that are associated with the saying “shoemaker without boots”. If you are engaged in the design of the premises, then the office should look appropriate. If you supply elite furniture, then there can be no tables from chipboard in your office.

You should carefully treat the question of the building where your offices will be located. Here it is worth remembering about the location, price and class. The location affects the desire of your employees and customers to get to work. The price and class are very interconnected, but if you count on working with high -level customers, then the building needs to be selected appropriate. On the website of the management company the theorem, some options for renting business centers in St. Petersburg are presented.

Design experts repeat daily that in the modern world, not offices with tables are appreciated, but offices with design. Your employees can work with a laptop or tablet, which means that they need a table in a rather relative option. Many are more pleasant and convenient to work in an armchair with an iPad and a phone than sitting at an uncomfortable table.

Your office must force yourself to imitate

Changes are not easy. Most leaders in our country are surprised to twist a finger at the temple if they are told to remove standard tables and install sofas and coffee tables instead. However, ask your employees. There are people who are accustomed to the household standard of the desk+chair from school, but modern experts can and want to work in a comfortable office. Most sales managers are enough mobile phone and tablet for work. For designers and programmers you need powerful computers, but not necessarily a PC. In the end, if the table really needs part of the employees, then you can come up with a more aesthetic solution like a round table with chairs in the center of the room, rather than the beds of dusty chipboard tables.

Plan briskly to compensate

High -quality solutions will save you headache. For example, it is much easier to place a table of natural wood in an office beautifully and tastefully than a cheap MDF table. Of course, even expensive furniture cannot be placed in the room pointless, but it creates the image faster.

Dear solutions are not always acceptable, but it is worth looking for compromises. A smaller room will save on rental costs, and if you remove part of the tables and replace them with sofas, then you do not need extra square meters. Some repair can be carried out with your efforts and efforts of employees if your team is located for this. You can make furniture to order in one of the private budget workshops.

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