The corrugated leaf of aluminum

Called aluminum turns into excellent material for construction. It is mainly used as an anti -slip surface, finishes, and sometimes even as a decoration. To do this, the surface of the aluminum leaf is covered with rifles – convexities in the form of a single pattern (identically repeating pattern). This improvement of the material allows you to make it more durable and stable in the horizontal plane.

The use of corrugated aluminum

Basically, rhyfty aluminum is used to cover surfaces where the effect of anti -slip (in dangerous places like steps, bus steps, etc.P.). But besides this, the material also looks profitable as a decor of interiors and exterior (for example, for roofing or as facing panels). In general, corrugated aluminum is used wherever builders or designers will benefit him – on windows, on roads, in public transport, at the door, etc.P. Anti -slip floors from this material are popular in factories, in industrial centers and workshops. They cover the steps and platforms. But not all corrugated aluminum looks the same.

Types of corrugated sheets

In fact, the drawing that is made of rifles can be different. Ordinary aluminum corrugated plates, which are called diamond or diamond. They are light, on one side there is a repeating pattern of reefla. Reeffli have different forms – diamond, pattern in the form of a sheet of willow or lentils, a round pattern. The most popular pattern of repeating 5 times willow sheets is considered – a sheet aluminum quintet. It is classified as the best option for anti -scraping. The other side of the surface of such sheets is flat, so that the material is easily laid on the floor.

Aluminum corrugated sheet is made of aluminum. Other variants of corrugated metals also exist, but aluminum is better suited for everyday life. He resists corrosion and rust, can shine beautifully if necessary (if polished). It is often used for decoration in construction, as well as in commercial and industrial areas. For factories where chemical components are used, it is better to choose galvanized corrugated sheets.  Steel galvanized sheets are an excellent solution for places where high temperatures and alkalis are present.

What are aluminum corrugated sheets give?

one. Anti -skilled. This is the most important purpose of this material.

2. Corrosion and rust protection. Aluminum and galvanized material laid on the floor in an industrial zone or in a commercial building may be a good solution against corrosion and rust.

3. Decorative function. A bright surface, especially polished aluminum corrugated sheet, has a beautiful appearance.

four. Light content. The surface is easy to clean.

5. Simplicity of installation. The material is easy to install. The structure is strong but light. They can be fixed on the floor with an effort of small number of workers.

When you choose corrugated sheets to perform certain functions, consult with specialists in firms where you intend to order a product.  Good experts will definitely help you choose a product that suits your room.

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