The choice of heating radiators –

Until recently, there was no need to choose the heating radiators in the domestic market. We have cast -iron radiators with traditional heating appliances. Their main advantage in resistance to water drainage, for such radiators it does not matter the quality of water and they will survive more than one winter without any problems. Now less often you can find cast -iron radiators in the premises, whether it be an apartment or non -residential premises.

A great disadvantage is their heavy weight, which creates difficulties in installing and not attractive design, with the exception of expensive designer radiators. To everything else, cast -iron radiators slowly respond to the opening or closing of the heat valve, t.e. You will need time to change the temperature in the radiator.

So you need to look for alternative heating of the house and there is the following option here. Aluminum radiators are light and good heat transfer. They are reliable and attractive to their design. Aluminum is an active metal that responds to the composition of the water. Therefore, such radiators should be installed in houses where water quality is checked and pH level should be within 7-8.

Steel heating radiators are better suited for low -rise buildings or their home. They, in turn, are divided into tubular, panel and sectional. Sectional steel radiators are made in the method of stamping of sheet steel. This type of radiators is not used little.

Tubular radiators – the most expensive of all, have a design consisting of columns. Can be connected to pipelines in different ways, provide a high degree of heat.

Panel steel radiators consist of two stamped sheets without gaps interconnected by vertical columns. These radiators are universal and are popular in Europe.

Steel radiators are distinguished by a beautiful design, various sizes, it is especially advisable to install them in their house or cottage.

The next type of heating radiators is bimetallic. They act as something between aluminum and steel heating radiators and combine their best qualities. They are unpretentious to pH and water quality, durable, have high heat transfer and quickly respond to the opening of the closing of the valve. They can be installed in any houses, and a beautiful design will be a decoration of any apartment. Democratic prices for these radiators are also another plus for their purchase.

When buying a thermal radiator, it is necessary to take into account its heat transfer by the ratio to the area of ​​its use. Incorrect calculation can lead to non -war or overheating of the room. Overheating violates the microclimate in the house, leads to drying the respiratory tract of a person, spoils furniture and parquet. But still you can solve such a problem using the adjusting valve. It will be functional to all types of heat radiators, except for cast -iron.

Before buying a heating radiator, you should find out some information in DEZ. Not superfluous to ask about working pressure in the pipes, the level of pH of the water of the coolant, one -pipe or two -pipe wiring. If you take into account all the parameters correctly, then the acquired radiator will serve you for a long time and efficiently.

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