Terrace – the right space

The construction of a private house is an interesting task that allows not only to solve the problem of living a large family, but also to provide both adults and children with comfortable conditions for every day. Many are erecting brick houses, some prefer buildings from the beam, but they all agree that the terrace (or veranda) must be present. Why even experts in interior and exterior design recommend that when designing the structure, lay in the terms of reference and the presence of a large, spacious terrace?

Firstly, such a room allows you to spend days and evenings outside the house – for example, in the summer I do not want to indulge in rest and communicate with guests or close people in the walls of the house. The veranda makes it possible to even enjoy fresh air in bad weather, and if you make it capital (with heating and water supply), it will be possible to designate it as a living room.

Secondly, the veranda does not mean “inconspicuous corridor”. Modern building materials allow you to create comfort and comfort in this space, adhering to a certain style. Surely on the terrace will like to play children – as a rule, they are spacious and not forced by expensive furniture and household appliances. If you take care of the flooring of high -quality floors (as a rule, a special terrace board is used for this), then the kids will be grateful for the opportunity to play with powerful machines. For example, Kataemrc radio -controlled models are able to gain high speed and even make different somersaults, but in bad weather you will not play with them in a personal plot, and there are too many “forbidden zones” in the house.

Thirdly, on the terrace you can arrange friendly gatherings and even arrange dances. If someone is tired, or there are people of the elderly in the family, then the noise and fun will not interfere with their rest in the house.

The terrace can be decorated in the same style with the house – experts recommend adhering to harmony with the exterior of the building and the direction in the design of the site. For example, often a terrace board on the floor of the veranda is a kind of continuation of all garden paths. If your own imagination is simply not enough, then seek help from professionals or see ready -made projects in print media or on the Internet. Having created a harmonious space, you can enjoy the days and evenings in the circle of loved ones on the veranda.

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