Suspended ceiling in the kitchen

Thanks to excellent decorative properties, stretch ceilings are often called affordable luxury. At the same time, the price of them ranges from a fairly wide amount, from low to high. It is easy to choose the most suitable option in price and appearance using specialized catalogs, magazines, as well as on the Internet.

The kitchen is a room in which the housewives spends a lot of time. At the same time, the kitchen serves as a place to collect the whole family for eating, a room where you can invite guests, or just a corner for solitude with a cup of coffee. For this reason, it is very important that the design of this part of the dwelling creates a cozy atmosphere that helps maintain a friendly conversation and a relaxed state. In addition to the floor, walls and windows, special attention should be paid to the ceiling.

Looking at magazines with beautiful interiors, you can often find various options for using suspended ceilings in the kitchen. Such a ceiling becomes a real pearl and an accent in the kitchen room. If the kitchen is small in size, a perfectly glossy canvas will visually much increase the space. Interior designers often choose matte bright colors to finish ceilings in small kitchens – they are very easy to operate and fit perfectly into any interior.

If the kitchen is large or made in a single space with another room, whether it be a living room or dining room, the ceilings can be made with an even greater game of imagination: in the form of multi -level structures combined with figured elements of drywall. In addition, complex lighting with a combination of various colors and textures can be established. The right decision in this case will use the services of the designer in the interior. The expert will help to quickly choose the best option and prepare a 3D virtual layout that clearly demonstrates how chic the ceiling will look after the end of the finishing work.

The fabric of the material of the stretch ceilings is practical: it does not collect dust, resistant to moisture, does not accumulate condensate. This means that if you install this decorative material, you should not be afraid of its damage in case of flooding. A very important feature should also be noted: the material of the stretch ceiling has antistatic properties. This means that dirt does not stick to her. In addition, this finishing material has good sound insulation, which is also a plus.

Stretch ceilings are mounted on a special frame to the walls or ceiling. The technology used allows you to hide the defects of the walls and ceilings. Original design solutions can help hide some unsightly elements of the design of the premises. The attractive idea of ​​the design of the kitchen are vaulted ceilings that make the ceilings gradually “flowing” into the walls, hiding and smoothing the corners and sections of the walls.

Thus, thanks to not only a great variety, but also practical properties, the scope of suspended ceilings expands significantly due to the possibility of realizing the most daring design solutions, including in the kitchen.

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