Security Service and its representatives. What kind of people and why they hire?

Security Service and its representatives. What kind of people and why they hire?

Security officers work in different conditions, helping to protect the frequent property and lives of people. There are several types of work in the security service, that is, each specialist is responsible and focuses on a certain area of ​​action.  For example, there are guards without weapons that are used as a restraining factor, but they are not supposed to wear a gun or other types of firearms. Special armed guards provide not only the visible presence, but also have weapons that they can use if necessary. There is also an observation group that works behind the scenes, carefully following what is happening.

Security agencies offer a wide range of services to ensure the safety of objects or frequent persons. For example, here, in the company of the CTA LLC “City squad”, you can order the protection of the HOA in Moscow, as well as any other private enterprise, including construction sites, warehouses, offices, business centers, hotels, cottage villages, restaurants, residential buildings, residential buildings, residential buildings parking, shops and many other organizations. In addition to protecting private facilities, you can order personal protection or provide yourself or your buildings with a video surveillance.

Guards who work without weapons provide basic protection. They own the main tactics of self -defense and their main goal is to create visibility and restraint potential attacks. Such guards have communication funds, for example, radio, by which they can transfer information to other units to organize more powerful protection.

Armed security has a certain license to carry weapons. Use weapons, they have the right only in extreme situations. They, like the naked guards are designed to create visibility and reduce risks.

There are also representatives of security organizations who may not have defense skills and have the right to wear weapons. They may not even arrive in a fit physical form. Their main task is to work with the head. These people work for monitors or from afar. They do not show themselves and, conversely, hide. They use video cameras, as a rule, in order to observe the location and monitor suspicious activity. Such types of protection are the most popular at private enterprises, in shopping centers, restaurants, houses and so on. Although people behind the scenes may not come into contact with criminals, they sometimes have to do this. Therefore, they, like other guards, can have certain hand -to -hand combat skills.

In some cases, all representatives of the security service work together, creating a single team that pursues a certain goal. For example, in a large shopping center, as a rule, there are unarmed guards and those who monitor the object. The latter monitor the situation through cameras and transmit information to partners if they see suspicious activity.

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