Room design for a teenager

It’s no secret that children remain children only for their parents. But all the same, over time, your child will declare that the flowers on the wall are no longer fashionable and he wants a new room for himself. How to be in this case? After all, you need to come up with a new, original room design.

First of all, you need to choose the right materials for decoration of the room. And we must not forget about the three rules when repairing a nursery: safety, functionality and an interesting idea.

Any environmental materials are suitable for decoration of the room.

• for walls it can be wallpaper of any material or textured plaster;

• For the floor, a cork, parquet or parquet board is suitable;

• For the ceiling, it is better to use whitewashing, drywall or a fabric stretch ceiling.

But do not forget about the functionality of the room. All the necessary furniture should be present in the rooms. Moreover, this should be not only a bed and a cabinet, but also a corner for classes. For its arrangement, first of all, it is necessary to purchase a chair for a student, and furniture is naturally better to make to order. Then you can be sure that it is perfect.

Then you need to understand what design to make a room. Let your child help you with this. Your task is to realize all the wishes of the child.

Let’s look at the three most popular styles in the design of the room, which can be suitable for a boy and a girl.

one. Musical snuffbox

Music for modern youth is an integral part of life. That is why the room decorated in a musical style will look best. But musical tastes in adolescents can change at any time. Therefore, you need to try to do with elements that cannot be changed.

For this interior, neutral colors, photo collages in black and white style, as well as images of musical instruments and microphones are best suited.

You can decorate the room with plates or disks. You can also create a curb with musical lines, decorate the room with notes.

2. Animal style

If your child likes different transmissions about nature or all about nature, it is better to arrange a room in a rather popular “animal” style. This is concentrated not on the fauna, but on the flora. The child will definitely help you decide that he wants.

The child’s room can be designed in a marine style called the “Underwater World”. Water inhabitants become the main ones here. Options – mass. There are already ready -made roll wallpaper or various photo prints. You can also easily pick up rugs, paintings, curtains and the like.

The next type of Animal -style is tropical jungle. This style is very bright and colorful in terms of color scheme. The room can be decorated with murals with a print of tigers, red parrots, black panthers and the like. But it is better to insert these accents in the recreation area, as the teenager’s eyes can get tired quickly.

3. Oh, sport, you are the world!

Also a very popular design in sports topics. Often such an interior is chosen by adolescents who themselves play sports. You can decorate the room with various sports devices such as a basketball ring, balls, clubs and so on.

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