Replacing plumbing

Often we are faced with the fact that it is high time to replace the old plumbing with a newer and beautiful. In principle, the complexity of the work is relative, but in any case it is necessary to block the crane at the entry into the apartment (and when replacing the mixer and hot and cold water). Having replaced, carefully turn on the water supply and carefully check that there is no leakage in the connection sites. You can easily check with the help of a newspaper, lift the newspaper, and any drops will be clearly visible. Checking must be necessary and any links I have the best laying material, I will bring the best seal, look above which. Replacing more serious devices, such as washbasins, toilets, bathrooms, these are rather complicated work and it is better that professionals perform them, but as they say, they write for the lack of a stamp, on an ordinary. Modern shops are simply littered with various kinds of plumbing, so when choosing, pay attention naturally to the price that it suits you, and to the quality of execution. Now many people make art painting for walls.

The first do not acquire light mixers (in the very literal sense of the lungs, it is likely that they are made of Silumin and their century very short). When choosing toilets, pay attention to sewage issues. In Europe (and we Europe), oblique or angular issues have been adopted, while in the USA issues are mostly direct. Install you install, but will add to a headache. When choosing a bathroom, all problems are related to the size of the bathroom, so the restrictions have already been imposed.

You can purchase a steel bath, which, in its operational qualities, has almost caught up with cast -iron baths, but much cheaper. When replacing sanitary devices, it is necessary to replace sewer pipes. There is definitely only plastic pipes.

PVC pipes (polyvinyl chloride) are reliable, durable, easily mounted, easily cut, while the entire spectrum of diameters is present, for apartments starting from 32 millimeters for a washing machine and a shell in the kitchen, ending with 100 millimeters for a common riser. Installation is carried out through the column system using silicone sealants (but not acrylic). In the absence of centralized hot water supply, there are two ways of heating water, a gas water heating column or an electric boiler.

As mentioned above, all works related to gas should be carried out only by gas service specialists, no other solutions to this issue can be. Almost the same situation with an electric water heater (boiler), its connection to the electric network is performed only by specialists. Well, of course, the issue of heating is probably the most difficult.

Heating (we are talking about centralized) of its repairs, modernization of heating devices is carried out only. This is due to the fact that when performing work on heating networks, it leads to a disconnection of at least one riser, and sometimes a whole house. Such types of work for a novice plumbing simply cannot do. And the rest do not forget: attention, accuracy, and you will succeed.

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