Repair in the new building repair

Buying a completely new apartment is a rather serious and long -awaited step in the life of every news. To date, according to statistics, more preference when choosing housing is given to apartments in new houses. Now this market segment is quite rapidly and actively developing.

Apartments in new houses have a number of absolutely undeniable advantages, for example, such as the use of modern technologies in the process of construction, much more developed infrastructure, loyal conditions in obtaining a mortgage loan, and so on.

Having received a new certificate of ownership of housing, the owners want to enter a new apartment as soon as possible. But in order to settle down in a new place with maximum comfort, they will need to overcome a number of difficulties. Live in an absolutely naked apartment, without any decoration is very uncomfortable. To the present day, most new buildings are rented out, as a rule, in the “draft” decoration. In this case, the apartment produces ordinary wall plaster, as well as the ceiling, a cement-sand screed is produced. Black finish does not provide for the installation of plumbing and electrical appliances – just like the installation of interior doors.

By purchasing an apartment in a modern recently built house, you acquire just an empty space that is limited by the walls. Accordingly, the repair in your apartment will include an absolutely full cycle of all kinds of planning and various construction and repair work. Among other things, the living conditions in the new house at first will leave the best. But it is worth remembering that all these minor troubles are a temporary phenomenon, and you can allow them to allow them.

There are much more serious moments that need to be paid special attention before all repair work. Otherwise, all your efforts can disappear in vain: first you need to prevent unpleasant consequences of the shrinkage of the new building itself, as well as to carefully think over absolutely all possible options for the alleged redevelopment and, if necessary, perform this kind of work to officially agree on them.

Experts say that in the first one and a half to two years, the house gives the main shrinkage, and they recommend because of this not to rush with the main repair. The houses built from bricks are most noticeably descended, since the brick is a fairly heavy material.

But for monolithic new buildings, as a rule, a uniform small shrinkage is characteristic. It will not work to do completely without loss, but it is quite possible to make them minimal. At first, it is better to avoid special luxury, but this does not mean at all that you will need to refuse a good repair. To do this, use building materials that are not afraid of shrinkage. For example, silk -screen printing will be best on the walls, since this type of wallpaper is very dense, and over time, small cracks that have appeared under them will be almost invisible. But tiles and decorative tiles in the bathroom can easily give cracks, so it is better to replace them for the first time with panels. A fabric stretch ceiling is suitable for ceiling finishing.

Walls and ceilings must be first strengthened using a special grid. The floors are often covered with a layer of a special plastic mixture, which is specially designed for a certain vibration and does not “walk” tiles on the wall. Parquet, which almost does not notice the shrinkage of the building, can be quite safely laid on the floor of your new apartment. Happy to the housewarming!

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