Removing old wallpaper from the walls

There is no doubt that wallpaper is a very popular and universal building material, which is very often used in the decoration of the internal walls of residential premises. The wallpaper has a variety of appearance and operational characteristics, not even a specialist can work with them, which made this material popular. But, if you decide to make repairs in a house or apartment, during which you are going to glue the walls of the walls, then at first you will have to save the walls from the previous material, and this is not always easy to do. It will be necessary to remove old wallpapers, since otherwise they absorb the wallpaper glue, which can subsequently appear in the form of yellow spots on the newly glued material. In this regard, we will consider what other methods and methods of removing old wallpapers from your walls.

If the walls of your house were glued with ordinary paper wallpaper, then it is quite simple to remove them. To do this, before starting the removal of the material, moisten the paper wallpaper with warm water. As a result of this, the wallpaper glue will begin to dissolve in water and the paper will move away from the walls, you just have to pick up the edges of the material and take it away from the walls. You will get an even better and fastest result if you start using a special liquid to remove wallpaper. This liquid, immediately after applying it to the wall, begins to actively dissolve the glue and the wallpaper literally exfoliates themselves from the walls.

It is much more difficult to remove vinyl wallpaper from the wall. The thing is that these wallpapers have a surface on the outside, which is covered with a polymer. Accordingly, vinyl wallpapers are useless to wet with water, since the polymer coating will simply push moisture. But, the basis of these wallpaper is paper or fabric, therefore, if you get to this base, then the material can be removed from the walls as ordinary paper wallpapers. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to make the following. Take a spatula, or a knife and with it, apply several oblique cuts on the surface of the material. After that, take a special liquid to remove wallpaper and also apply it to the wall surface. Now it remains to wait about thirty minutes and the wallpaper will move away from the walls.

Sometimes there are situations when the wallpaper was glued to PVA glue or on another very durable glue. In this case, the above methods of removing the wallpaper will be unacceptable, since water and special liquid will not be able to dissolve the glue.

At the same time, it will not work to remove the wallpaper at the same time, so in this case it makes sense to use the power tool, namely, equipped with a drill with a special round nozzle. A coarse -grained sandpaper is applied to this nozzle, which literally removes the material from the walls. The disadvantage of this method of removing wallpaper is that during operation a large amount of garbage and dust is formed, which will be difficult to remove. Therefore, before starting work, it will not be superfluous to remove all the furniture from the room, and put a plastic film on the floor.

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