Reconstruction of the house and its features

In what cases it is necessary to reconstruct the house? It would seem that the answer to this question is obvious. However, in fact, there are many nuances here. Sometimes DM is in excellent condition, but family circumstances are changing, and an additional area is required. In this case, you need to either get an additional few rooms and another bathroom or make another kitchen and a separate entrance (to provide a young family with privacy). To do this, either make an extension to the existing building or build an attic floor.

Sometimes the owners of the house come up with the idea of ​​starting entrepreneurship, and then there is a need to allocate an additional room for a store, workshop, studio or office in the house. In such cases, it is recommended to make an extension with a separate entrance, which should be completely isolated from the residential part of the house. If the type of activity allows this, then the living quarters can be transferred to the second floor, and the first to open the store. In this case, you need to redevelop the first floor and the superstructure of the second.

And finally, there are times when the owners simply have free funds that can be used to make a house in Lazarevsky

More comfortable. In such a situation, we are talking about modernizing the house, completing a garage or terrace, turning an unheated attic into a residential attic.

Regardless of the reasons why it was necessary to reconstruct the house, it is important to allocate enough money not only to pay for construction costs, but also for designing. Indeed, during the reconstruction, working without a well -thought -out project is even more dangerous than with new construction, since as a result of errors you can ruin the already built house.

So, at the design stage, you need to outline the volume of work, the placement of new elements, and then examine the old structures of the house to understand how suitable for their new role. And this part of the work can only be performed by a specialist who has sufficient experience. If you abandon this stage, then it may turn out that the foundation of the house is damaged or its bearing ability is too small for such a project. To avoid destruction, you need to take care of strengthening the foundation and bearing walls in time. You will also have to think about redevelopment of the site.


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