Proper insulation of the loggia

Proper insulation of the loggia

Most television programs are now increasingly offering to use the loggia as an additional room, if the space allows by placing sports equipment in it, putting a small sofa for reading. In general, the goal is to increase the space of the room and thereby expand its boundaries. For consonants with such a state of affairs, the first step is to insulate the loggia, so that even in the coldest winter day you can comfortably get there with any everyday business. This article will tell you how to quickly and efficiently warm the loggia with your own hands. So, it should be insulated whole, that is, the walls, the floor, and the ceiling.  To do this, you need a heater based on foam. Its thickness must be calculated depending on whether the loggia is combined with the room or not, since in the first version you need to purchase a thicker insulation. In addition, for insulation, you should definitely buy a choice of drywall, gypsum fiber or glass -frog; dry mixture; metal adhesive tape; antiseptic boards; foil polyethylene film; foam without toluene; Self -tapping screws, polyurethane glue. Also, do not forget to glaze the balcony, and then winter is not afraid of you.

These are the main tools and means without which it is not recommended to insulate the loggia.  They stand differently and eventually will result in a tidy sum, but it is worth it, because at the end of the work the space of the main room to expand noticeably and some furniture elements can be taken to the loggia.

Now the work itself. First of all, window blocks are installed, and then a heater is laid, which is attached to the walls, floor and ceiling using dowels. All the seams formed are neatly sealed using mounting foam so that cold from the street does not penetrate the room, and tape is glued to the joints between the tiles of the insulation.

Then, using the acquired foil film and glue, the vapor barrier should be installed, not forgetting to lay the joints with metal tape.

The floor on the loggia fits quite quickly. If it is simple, without heating, then the screed is made with a thickness of B4 SMS by leaving a small centimeter of the so -called temperature gap between it and the wall. Next, with the help of glue, tiles are laid on top. If the floor is warm, it should be installed in the same way as laying a warm floor.

If the choice is made in favor of the wooden floor, the installation foam should be used. First, the lags are installed, and the flooring is placed on top of them from the dodgy board.

One of the final stages of insulation is the crate. To do this, a dry beam made of wood is used, which is attached to concrete on screws and at the very end somewhere a little more than 20, gypsum cardboard or other selected material is secured.

And the final stroke of the insulation of the loggia – finishing work. This is naturally applying putty and primer, painting walls or gluing wallpaper.

That’s all, the most pleasant thing is – it is comfortable to equip the newly made room.

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