Prepared additional resistance of 1000 Ohms – excavator

Prepared additional resistance 1000 Ohms

At idle moiget, the ratio of the number of turns of control of control. If the same value of the voltage at the idle of EMU UK corresponds to the control current of one winding and the other winding I P, then the ratio of their numbers of the turns. Thus, the ratio of the number of turns of all UMU controls may be verified by the ratio of the number of turns.

It should be borne in mind that with repeated changes in voltage, the scatter of indications is possible – due to the presence of hysteresis. At idle, polarity is also determined and the winding of its own negative feedback on the voltage of EMU is carried out.

For this, with a fixed emu, one of the findings of the feedback winding is connected directly on the terminal with one of the conclusions of EMU, and the other output of the feedback winding is left free. After the launch of the emu in the absence of a signal in the control windings, a short-term connection of the other end of the feedback winding through a pre-prepared additional resistance of 1000 Ohms is made (for example, glazed resistance of the PEV-50 type) to the second conclusion of EMU.

When connecting the feedback winding, they carefully monitor the change in the voltage of EMU along the voltmeter first at a large limit (up to 300 V), then on a small limits (up to 15 V). Due to the residual voltage when the circuit of the feedback winding circuit, depending on its polarity, the voltage of the emu either increases or decreases.

If the polarity of the feedback winding is grown, then the increase in voltage can occur quite quickly, so first use a voltmeter with large measurement limits. If the polarity of the feedback winding is negative, then the reduction of the voltage can be invisible on a voltmeter with a large measurement limit. Therefore, after several samples, a voltmeter is connected with a small measurement limit and finally convinced that when the feedback winding is connected, the voltage voltage is reduced, t. e. that the winding acts as a negative feedback on the voltage of EMU.



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