Parquet care and coating

When caring for parquet, they use different materials – in particular, parquet varnishes and oils, although there are also special products that prevent wear of coating, providing the necessary coefficient of friction. In addition, they significantly improve the hygienic state and optical effect of the appearance of the coating.

Unfortunately, a universal remedy that made it possible to effectively hide all kinds of scratches on the parquet floor, have not yet been invented. And they can appear if you buy VIESSMANN boiler and perform its installation independently, and not call specialists.

The usual conditions for using the parquet quite often reduce the life of the coating on the floor. For its maximum efficiency of use, you should adhere to certain recommendations.

Precautions necessary to preserve the flooring

The first thing I want to say about is that it is not recommended directly a day after processing by a specialized tool to walk on coating.

During the week, you should not carry out wet cleaning, as it will slow down the process of hardening of the varnish agent.

To increase the life of the parquet coating, you can close with felt tunes all the furniture legs available in the house.

The tool that can be used for cleaning should not be equipped with steel edges, and the brushes should not be used too hard.

The main “destroyers” of such flooring from natural wood are considered to be fluctuations in the temperature and moist regime, various mechanical influences. Therefore, it is worth constantly ensuring that such parameters are maintained within the permissible limits.

Similar materials:

For many centuries, the modular parquet has been considered a real decoration of ancient monasteries, palaces and houses.

Grinding the flooring is subtle processing, as well as polishing the rough surface, performed in the form of a separate or complex procedure, as part of the most complex

Firms, manufacturers of laminated coating, constantly strive to improve their products and each part of it separately.

Laminate with delivery and laying for art parquet is one of the types of flooring that appeared on the construction market at the end of the twentieth century.

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