Optimal working conditions – excavator

Optimal working conditions

Other conditions are added if, for forcing transition processes, a magnetic amplifier is selected with a significant margin of voltage. Due to the presence of inductance of the winding of generators, the current load of the amplifier in the transition processes cannot be changed by a leap. The apparent load resistance changes widely.

Optimal working conditions

So, for example, when the control control winding is turned on, the voltage at its output very quickly reaches the established value determined by the external characteristic. In this case, the apparent resistance of the load is GNAG = OO. As the generator is excited, it decreases, striving in the established mode to the magnitude of the ohmic resistance of the winding of the excitation of the GV generator generator.

If at the same time G6, then throughout the transition process, the apparent load resistance and the amplifier operate in adverse mode. The large supply of amplifier selected from the force of the forcing, creates an increased parasitic current 1A to the corresponding number of times, uselessly loading elements of the circuit and reducing the voltage at the load.

Therefore, the choice of ballast resistance should take into account the reserve for the voltage of the amplifier provided for forcing the processes of excitation of the generator. If the amplifier voltage is selected from the condition for the forced voltage of the excitation of the generator while the optimal working conditions will take place in the transition process.

With the established regime, the increased ballast resistance is relatively high, which, accordingly, reduces theoretical to. P. D. scheme. However, the value of the theoretical ideal to. P. D. diagrams during the underproption of the amplifier in power for and since it cannot give an idea of ​​the actual losses in the scheme. Its decrease in increasing ballast resistance is far from in all cases entails an increase in energy losses in the established regime, but always favorably affects the static characteristics of the amplifier.



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