Office – modern interior trends

2014 came and based on trends in 2013, we want to discuss in this article the interiors and office life of 2014. What will be the most popular and what styles of office decor, design, atmosphere and life are the most modern and emphasize the cultural modernization of the leadership?

Every year the office and work inside it will be transformed. Once it was just rooms with tables, but since then a lot of time has passed. Scientists, doctors and psychologists help to look for points of acceleration of performance, designers study trends and interior features to demonstrate the nature of the business, technology and manufacturers produce new equipment and furniture to improve work. Any business who wants to be successful should follow the recommendations of specialists.

Technological achievements primarily change office culture. We are observing the tendency to reduce structured closed offices and the tendency to create open offices with untouched workplaces. Staff are allowed to move, work from anywhere. Due to the fact that laptops were replaced by stationary computers, the employee does not pin his table, so many employees moved to work on sofas. Instead of the tables made by tables, we see an office with sofas, armchairs and coffee tables.

The office begins to resemble the city quarter, with a large number of points for interaction. There are recreation areas, cafeteria, entertainment and much more, and all this in the territory of one small Open Space premises. How it’s done? Bully tables are removed, instead they put sofas, which several people contain at once. This stimulates creativity and joint work between employees.

Greens and plants will continue to invest in office premises. We see more flowers in pots and natural design elements, such as landscaping walls.

Google’s offices effect have been fruit to develop office entertainment. More and more office design projects include the creation of an active recreation area. Companies depart from strictly branding and arrange in the style of staff culture, creating recreational spaces and interactive working zones.  Employees are allowed to make their own decor.

Large companies are moving away from traditional canteens and ordering a healthy meals from food suppliers. Creating a cafeteria zone inside the office allows employees to eat together in an unofficial setting.

Technologies seriously affect office spaces. Offices today are offices without wires and with fewer bulky computers. The room covers ergonomic furniture. Everywhere they install climate systems with thermostats that control the exact level of temperatures according to the standard of research on labor productivity.

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