New investments in Colombian projects

The regime is available for qualifying industrial and commercial investments and provides for a reduced income tax rate, as well as exemption from dividend tax, property (capital) tax and accelerated two-year depreciation.

The main conditions of the regime include:

  1. A minimum investment of 30 million units of taxable value (UVT) in fixed assets of an industrial nature or a minimum investment of 2 million UVT in the national aviation sector;
  2. Creation of at least 400 new jobs or 250 for investments in the technology sector and e-commerce;
  3. Investments and creation of new jobs must be carried out within 5 years;
  4. Projects must be approved and contracts signed by January 1, 2024 or December 31, 2021 for the national aviation sector.

In addition to the above conditions, it is also stipulated that projects related to the evaluation, exploration and exploitation of non-renewable natural resources, such as the exploration, development and construction of mines and oil fields, cannot qualify for the status of a large investment project.

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