Mini-excavator and its benefit

The evolution of mini-excavators allowed them to achieve the level of utility in which they significantly expand their functionality in construction and road works.  Such convenient equipment as a mini-excavator can be a universal and mobile solution for a wide range of tasks at the construction site, including drilling, sorting, laying, excavation, cleaning and lifting.

Thanks to its compact size and high potential, this class of special equipment is an attractive investment. The cost of construction equipment “Mini” is lower than large construction equipment. In addition, less fuel consumption. Building brigades and large companies can invest money in the purchase of a mini-excavator, but in general sometimes budget rental of special equipment in St. Petersburg, Moscow or any other city through special organizations.

When deciding to buy a mini-excavator, it is necessary to evaluate a number of key criteria so that the technique corresponds to the work that needs to be performed, as well as to assume the possible functions that will also be useful to be useful. Portal Project Rosti advises you to choose models that can vary your functions, but to overpay for the fact that you never need no sense.

The mini-excavator is a compact construction equipment that is used for certain work, depending on what functions it is equipped with. Excavator with a working weight of 1.5 to 8 tons and engine power up to 60 liters.With. They call a mini-excavator. In comparison with its great brother, it is actually built and consists of the same main parts: engine, cabin, chassis, rotary console and other attached elements.

The cabin where the operator sits has the entire control system and, as a rule, rotates at 360 ° with the help of a mechanism that is based on the chassis. The chassis consists of caterpillars or wheels, depending on that for which the excavator is intended with. The wheels are used mainly on solid ground, and the caterpillars are good to increase stability in crossed areas.

If with the wheels it is more or less clear, then a few more words should be said about caterpillars. The fact is that the caterpillars themselves can also be two types – the first are made of rubber, the second of steel. Steel caterpillars, as a rule, are suitable for working in heavy dirt, loose soil, and on more even surfaces of the earth (as well as on asphalt, sidewalk, etc.P.) rubber caterpillars are suitable. Rubber is used in order to protect the surface itself from damage. The disadvantage of all the caterpillars in front of the wheels is that the car is not too maneuverable.

Mini-excavators are designed to perform work in small areas and to solve easy problems, such as digging ditches for laying pipes. They are ideal for use of indoors. Many contractors are forced to choose mini-excavators where large excavators are just excessively bulky.

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