Mediterranean interior style

How can also be characterized by the Mediterranean interior solution? Every romantic will say that the Mediterranean is this sun, sea, riot of colors, different species of plants. The coast line unites Europe, North Africa, the Middle East. Every region brings anything its specific to cooking, life, traditions of architecture, decoration of the house and, in addition, t.P. However, there are certain rules, as well as the details specific to what is called the Mediterranean style. This direction in a curious design is suitable for an ordinary city apartment, as well as for a cottage (cottage).

Architectural components

The Mediterranean style is characterized by:

very flat operated roof or four -sloping with a light slope under the tile;

pergoles, open terraces, galleries;

French windows with marquises and, accordingly, wooden shutters;

closed patio (courtyards);


plants in tubs;

natural stone, beautiful mosaic, ordinary ceramics, various types of plaster, beautiful stained glass windows;

forged components of the racks, columns and, accordingly, the railing.

For interior design, it is worth choosing rooms oriented to the south. Because the light of the Sun in the Mediterranean style of the interior plays the basic role.


The floors are typically made of natural stone or tiles with small mosaics, as well as a pattern. The option and, accordingly, floors of wood of very dark woods or combining wood with ordinary ceramics are likely.


Partitions are plastered, maintaining texture, rude finish. Colors are selected: from blue-green to orange-beige color shades.

Such a style solution is characterized by ease, high practicality with a taste of romanticism.

Doors and windows

Window frames can be made of any materials (wood, plastic or aluminum). A specific feature is a fairly dark color, henceforth to black, the presence of mounted rollers or horizontal wood blinds of the window.

Frames for window systems should be extended vertically (the French window that resembles the balcony door) or horizontally – to the full width of the partition of the room.

Doors and, in addition, doors boxes are woody, dark brown or tone of the partitions.


The classic of the Mediterranean style is forged or wooden painted furniture with a pattern. This selection is impeccable for a summer house or a country house. In a regular city apartment, you can also successfully use every innovative upholstered furniture. It can also be woven or on a wooden skeleton of dark brown color shades, in the style of extravagant minimalism or classic.

The main rule is that the furniture should be in fairly bright covers (every gray, white, light creamy color tones). Furniture covers can also be made with your own hands or change with bedspreads. In particular, a contrasting strip or cell may also look quite attractive.


Complete the interior of the room with unpretentious indoor plants, as well as flowers. A very wonderful selection – palm trees, yukki, ficuses, as well as citrus trees in simple ceramic pots.

Choose small rugs for the room – rather light, rude texture, such as the mowing (sold in IKEA).

Moroccan forged lighting instruments, Spanish ceramic dishes, Italian woven products and the like souvenirs from the southern countries will bring the spirit of the Mediterranean to your interior of the room.

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