Media room: Home Cinema

Recently, large electronics manufacturers delight us with more and more high-quality and affordable media centers and home theaters. Now there are TVs with 3D function and huge plasma or LED screens panels that allow us to watch our favorite films as not worse than cinemas provide. All this has become an incentive for the development of home cinemas as separate premises. Of course, it is lucky for those who have separate rooms for such pleasure, but what to do with those whose apartment does not allow such luxury? As always – to manipulate accessible and go beyond the ordinary.

Option 1: Separate room

If you own a separate room where you can place a home theater in the full sense of the word, then do so. Combine the room with the living room or divide the bedroom with a plasterboard wall. In any case, the TV outside the room where you sleep is an excellent solution, and if you arrange a full entertaining corner for family and friends, then provide yourself with joy and fun in their correct form. In other words, if there is where to put a large TV, a system of columns and comfortable chairs with a popcorn machine and a bar, then be sure to use the chance and do it. You do not need a lot of light and large ideas – the main thing is that it is convenient for you to sit and watch TV. But just remember one thing – you should be comfortable to sit, not lie. This is not a bedroom, but the TV is not intended for a background senseless sound spreading from news or advertising – this is a cinema where you enjoy watching films.

Option 2: Separation of space

If there is no separate room, then divide one of your premises into two zones. For example, install a large TV and several comfortable chairs in the living room or dining area of ​​your kitchen. However, as well as with the number one option, we draw your attention to the fact that the TV should serve as a means of entertainment, and not as an extraneous noise. For these purposes, we advise you to use radio – it is much more useful for your brain.

What will be dependent on the viewing quality and comfort of the home theater?

If you buy a TV with the aim of entertainment (and this, from our point of view, should be its main task), then you do not need all these awkward functions that are dotted with a product card. Do not buy a TV for a large number of buttons on the control panel. Most of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the picture and then select models based on compatibility with other devices. You need a high-quality Blu-ray player and audio system for the TV. In other words, you need not so much functions as a beautiful and fast transmission of sound and picture.

In addition to what you see, it will be of great importance how you are sitting. Unknown chairs will spoil the sensations from any film, even the most beloved. Just take care of buying a convenient sofa. Believe me – it is better to invest in the sofa once and delight your back and sciatic nerves than to constantly experience the discomfort of the pelvis and lower back area.

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